Where is Axford on the facial hair list?


In 2011, Brewers’ closer John Axford attempted to do something that only a handful of players could successfully pull off well. For once, it really isn’t baseball related, unless you count the superstitions of certain players. In perhaps what was his attempt to imitate Rollie Fingers’ unforgettable handlebar mustache, Axford tried his own luck on one. Where does this rank him among the most famous mustaches and facial hair throughout the MLB?

Looking back, I think we can all agree that Rollie Fingers’ mustache was the most unique throughout all of the MLB. When he originally grew his mustache, Fingers also received a bonus of $300 from the A’s owner at the time. Fellow teammates Catfish Hunter and Ken Holtzman also tried to follow in Fingers’ footsteps, but couldn’t compete. Even after his days with the A’s, Fingers kept his mustache with Padres and our own Brewers. Even today, Fingers still has the most legendary mustache in all of the game.

2010 was quite the year for not only the San Francisco Giants, but also Giants’ closer Brian Wilson. Throughout the Bay Area, ‘Fear the Beard’ became one of the biggest rally cries in their postseason run. Wilson’s beard was perhaps an equally big sensation in San Fran besides their World Series’ win. Wilson has been accused of dying his beard, but hasn’t by going on to say that he was in the sun a lot. Ever since August of 2010, Brian Wilson has retained his beard.

One of the most surprising facial hair appearances was that of the late Thurman Munson. On a team where facial hair is a no-no, Munson rocked a Fu Manchu mustache. Also on the Yankees, Don Mattinglyhad a mustache. It surprises me that George would even allow it, but he did. Personally, I think Mattingly looks like Bill Murray without his mustache now, but that’s just me.

Of course there are a lot of baseball greats that haven’t been mentioned, where does Axford rank? If I had a list in order (at least of who I mentioned), I’d go: Fingers, Munson, Axford, Wilson and Mattingly. Of course, who knows if the Ax-Man will keep his ‘stache going into 2012, but it certainly was entertaining while watching him close out games.