What is the Hold Up on the Braun Ruling?


Seriously, what is the rub bub?

What on earth could that select group of gentlemen possibly still be debating?  The hearing started almost two weeks ago.  This isn’t the O.J. Trial!!  There is no new evidence that I know of, so what in the name of Zeus’ b-hole is going on?  This is absolutely demolishing the joy I usually feel this close to Spring Training.  This panel of MLB appointed people, are really screwing up my universe.

This is normally the time of year where I put away all of my Packers hats and bust out the Brewers gear.  Hats, shirts, jackets, hell my swim trunks have the Brewers logo on them.  Baseball season is soooo close…..errrrr, I want it to be here.  The problem is, I am having a really difficult time enjoying my usual pre-season rituals.  Last week, I put away the Packer beer mugs and brought down the Brew Crew mugs…it was about as enjoyable as a Kathy Griffin marathon.  Busted out the John Axford bobblehead and put him up in the living room, only cracked a smile for a brief second.  My wife enjoyed it more than I did.   

My entire month of January was ruined by this hearing.  This entire circus has been juggling for way too long and I have never cared for the circus.  Afraid of elephants.  It’s a real thing, it’s called Pachydermophobia.  And if this goes on much longer, I will be the first ever person diagnosed with Arbitjerkophobia.  Fear of MLB hearings during the Bud Selig era.

Now, I have read that Braun can still submit information in writing after the hearing.  So, it is entirely possible that there is information being passed that had not previously been disclosed.  Although I king of doubt it.  If Braun’s herpes defense doesn’t do the trick, then there is not much an apology letter slid under a hotel room door is going to accomplish.

Oh yeah!  And the longer we have to wait for a ruling, the more I have to hear opinions from every Bob Costas in the sporting world.  Yesterday Mr. Costas said that he thinks Braun should be stripped of his MVP award if his appeal is not upheld and that their should be a re-vote if that is the case.  Before sharing his thoughts about the fate of Ryan Braun, Costas almost defends Alex Rodriguez and goes to great lengths to explain why he should be allowed to keep his MVP award.  To read the entire senile discussion, go over to Bob Wolfley’s article.  He gives you the parts you need to get a little fired up at Bob Costas.

As irritated as these comments may have made me, I do not blame Bob Costas.  You know who I blame?  THE ARBITRATORS!!!!!

I am a patient man.  For Tebow’s sake, I work for a Fortune 500 insurance company(that may or may not promote mayhem).  If patience was not a virtue that I possessed, I would surely be dead by now.  But this has gotten out of hand.

At this point if you have not made a decision…let’s just say, “if you shake it more than 3 times you just playing with yourself” and leave it at that.  Those jerks are sitting in their towers and have already made a decision, but they love them some lion tamers.  Major League Baseball needs the circus in order to survive.  Right now, Braun is the ringleader and it does not appear as if MLB wants to let him leave.

This marks the first time that I have lost my cool during this entire ordeal.  I wasn’t upset during the initial reports (accept at all of the people who ignorantly began to hate Ryan Braun), nor was I upset that the “confidential” results were leaked by the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, and I was practically a cucumber when TMZ reported that a VD was the cause for the positive test.  And why should I be surprised that bureaucracy is what causes me to completely unwind.

Please, give us a verdict so that Brewers fans can move on with their lives.  We have suffered enough and I am sick of it.  Let me go back to enjoying my Brewers/Packers swaperoo.  If any arbitrator in this case happens to read my article, you have the power to end this.  I don’t care which way you decide.  Never have.  Just give me an answer so that I can start talking about Jed Bradley and Taylor Green.  Enough is e-fricking-nough.  I am done.