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Céspedes and the Brew Crew


Now, I know it’s an absolute long shot for this to ever happen, but this post is for the sake of the argument. Let’s say Milwaukee were to reportedly show heavy interest in Yoenis Céspedes. This obviously would switch things up quite a bit, even after Ryan Braun’s return, but just how can this affect the Brewers? In more ways than one, and definitely in very beneficial ways. The addition of  Céspedes would add quite a bit of versatility to an already resourceful Brewers’ lineup and defense. The outfield for the time being could be Céspedes in left, Nyjer Morgan in center and Corey Hart in right. What about when Braun comes back?

The big issue here is where to put Céspedes after Braun’s return. Easy, right field. There’s already been speculation that Corey Hart could very well go to first, since they’re unsure of Mat Gamel and Taylor Green. My big thing was what about Casey Kotchman? He was a free agent until last night after signing with the Indians, so he’s out of the picture. Really now, unless the Brewers and Ron Roenicke can fully rely on Gamel or Green to start and finish the season, I don’t see why putting Hart at first base is a bad idea. Even then, Norichika Aoki could play right in place of Hart. The Brewers seriously have an unlimited amount of reserves alongside starters, so there’s a bit of wiggle room here. Only Doug Melvin knows exactly how the Brewers will handle this situation, if even at all.

Looking at Céspedes’ numbers from last year, he had a batting average of .333, 33 home runs, 99 RBIs and 89 runs scored only in 90 games. That is beyond incredible for me. If Céspedes can do that in 90 games, imagine what he could do in 72 more, plus the playoffs. Each season that he has played in the Cuban league, he’s absolutely destroyed the ball. He’s hit well over .310 each of his nine years, except the 2007-2008 season, and produces offensively by driving in a high number of runners. Not to mention he’s won gold twice in two different world competitions and silver once. Céspedes is the real deal and it’ll be a wonder who he ends up with.

If he does end up with the Brewers, it’s a far cry, but it’d great. By posting those kinds of numbers in Cuba, I’m excited to see what he can do here. He could easily replace Prince Fielder’s bat in the line-up and could add even more fire power for years to come. He’s only 25 and at this point in his career, an absolute steal to whatever team does end up with him. I know I can’t be the only person jabbing Doug Melvin in the ribs to consider bringing Céspedes to Milwaukee.