Is 2012, the “All-In” Season for the Brewers?


Earlier today I read an article written by a man I respect and quite frankly, aspire to be.  His name is Adam McCalvy (you need to follow him on Twitter @AdamMcCalvy).  Adam is the MLB writer for the Brewers and he is the best Brewers writer I know of.  The article he wrote today addresses something that I have not been ready to think about, seeing as how the season has not even started yet.  Ok, fine.  I had not thought about it at all.  Sometimes I am not the brightest crayon on the tree.  Anyway, today McCalvy asked this question, Is this the “all-in” year?

I am man enough to admit that this thought had never even occurred to me.  I also am man enough to admit that the thought of this terrifies me.  Like, being 8 years-old and watching the first Chucky movie…you know, before they got campy and kind of hilarious.  That movie scared the liquid waste out of me.  Not nearly as much as 2013 does all of a sudden.

Do you all remember the mid-90’s?  The days when our “big-boppers” were Richie Sexson and Jeff Cirillo?  I can’t go back to that!  Now that I have tasted victory, I never want to go back to the days when I rooted for the team to not lose 100 games.  It’s too bad that I really take what Mr. McCalvy has to say seriously.  Curse your wisdom Adam.   

Now, I have already addressed my fears about Zack Greinke leaving Milwaukee for more money.  In fact, that is almost a certainty at this point.  If we had any chance of keeping him in Suds City, we needed to sign him before pitchers and catchers report this weekend.  That just is not going to happen, so that is going to be an issue in 2013.  Strike One.

Then I stressed my distaste for the team only negotiating a one-year deal with Shaun Marcum, who is much more attainable than Greinke.  The team wasted a golden opportunity to lock him up as our #3 starter this season, but more likely our #2 for the next few seasons.  Rather than accepting the advice of an amateur sports writer, who has absolutely no experience in baseball contract negotiations, they signed him to a one-year deal.  Which leaves his 2013 status up in the air.  Strike Two.

Randy Wolf leaving was the one that had completely slipped my mind.  2012 is the final guaranteed year of Wolf’s contract, and while he is not the best pitcher in the rotation, at least the guy is fairly stable.  Granted, by the time this season is over his age will be an issue for many teams in free-agency, but Wolf becomes invaluable if the Brewers lose Greinke and Marcum.  How could I have not thought about this?  Strike Three.

Three strikes, you’re fighting with the Pittsburgh Pirates to not be last, because by then the Astros will be gone.  I think I’m gonna be sick…

So, in theory the 2013 starting rotation could be Yovani Gallardo, Chris NarvesonMarco Estrada?…maybe Michael Fiers….

Oh yeah, and we will lose Francisco Rodriguez, so that sucks.

This is very bad.

Maybe this is the “All-In” season after all.  Adam is a wise man and I know that he would never lead me astray.  As much as it pains me to acknowledge this, Saturday could be the beginning of the end.  But that does not have to be a bad thing.

All this means is that we need to cheer louder, scream harder, and love deeper.  And that goes double for me.  If you read this blog faithfully (bless you), you know that my passion can turn into rage and insults.  So, no more crabby Lou.  This season is about loving this team with all my heart.  Even when things are bad, I need to suck it up and kill them with love and kindness.   It may be another 25 years before we, as a fan base, will have a team this wonderful again.

A very serious thank you to Adam McCalvy for bringing this to light.  He may have single-handedly changed my entire outlook on this season.  I just want to enjoy it.  Last season was one of the greatest 6 months of my life, and I have no doubt that this season will be even better.  This article marks the last time until the season ends (hopefully in November), that we will discuss this topic.  Time to live in the moment.  The 2012 Brewers are going to bring us a World Series.  I know it.