My Obligatory St. Valentine’s Day Article


Before I even get started, I would like to acknowledge that lists are played the F out.  That is why I reserve it for Holidays.  Look, I have a life too folks.  I’m married.  You think today sucks when your single?  Or even when you just have a girl/boy friend?  It doubley sucks when you are married.  So, I got stuff to do…your getting a list.  Even better, it is a short list.  

The 3 Things I love most about the 2012 Brewers, as of today:

1)  The Possibilities Are Endless – Today, I love the fact that in my mind Nyjer Morgan is sprinting around Miller Park with the World Series Trophy.  He is screaming profanities, smoking a cigar, and probably flashing gang signs of some sort.  Randy Wolf is crying, because that is what old guys who have never one the big one do.  John Axford is carrying his son (an American citizen, who very recently was unable to enter into his homeland…ridiculous), because that is what baseball Dads do.  Ron Roenicke, Doug Melvin, and Mark Attanasio stand at home plate with big smiles on their face, just taking in the moment.  And in the opposing dugout sit the Yankees, CC Sabathia with his hat pulled over his face.  Yeah, I love the thought of that.  Let’s try to make that happen 2012!!

2)  The Brewers Are Underdogs – Don’t ask me how, but most “experts” who happen to work for the four letter overlord’s, believe that the Brewers will be in 3rd place at the end of this season.  That just sounds like non-sense to me.  My hope is that they embrace the underdog role and play with the kind of intensity that makes their haters take notice and choke on their words until they are blue in the face.  Especially Cardinals fans.  I know from my days of baseball/softball playing, that being the underdog is sometimes the best motivation you can have.  When you are the reigning division champs and most experts think you won’t even make the postseason…that should really piss you off.  I’m pissed about it and I am just sitting in my living room.  Everyone loves the underdog.  Especially me. 

3)  My RtB Staff – Lame, I know, but for the vast majority of last season it was just me and Colin Bennett.  Granted we had some friends swing through, Joe Wickersheim and Lynda Schneider, but mostly ju-ust the two of us…whoo, building castles in the sky-y just the two of us (Will Smith moment, sorry Colin).  We had an awesome time, but having four different voices to tell the story of this season is very exciting.  We have added Benjamin and Brad, and they are fitting in splendidly.  I am thrilled to be sharing what, I hope, will be the greatest season in the history of this franchise with these three gentlemen.  Colin and I will be forever bonded because of all the moments we shared together in 2011.  And to be sappy, but totally honest, I am looking forward to sharing the 2012 moments with my 2 new brothers.  Follow all of us on Twitter @LouciferOlsen @ColinBennett13 @ThatOneMLBGuy and @BreakingWI for every piece of breaking Brewers news all season long. 

Ok, now if you’ll excuse me, I have champagne and Mexican food to eat with my wife.  The same wife who is dying to see Aoki play to determine if he is Ichiro’s twin brother.  She may not know much about baseball, but she sure knows how to make it just a little more entertaining.