Brewers Junk Drawer Wednesday


This is a new segment that I will be doing every Wednesday for the duration of the season.  Basically, it is exactly as the title describes it.  If your house is anything like mine you have one drawer designated for miscellaneous knick-knacks and junk that you can’t really put anywhere else.  To prove  a point I just pulled three random things from my junk drawer without looking; A rewards club card to Tulalip Resort and Casino (Washington State reference, sorry), a box of green tea dietary supplement pills, and one of those sweet things you attach to your sunglasses when you are on a boat so that they don’t fly off.  Thus will be the essence of the Brewers Junk Drawer Wednesday.

I figure, hump day is probably the ideal day to just tie up some loose ends that this site has overlooked to that point in the given week.  Even though we are an amazing site, with unlimited awesomeness, we will miss things from time to time.  The junk drawer is specifically reserved for things that are not entire article worthy, but still have value to todays Brewers fan on the go.  Enjoy!

Huntsville Pitching Coach Retires –

The Huntsville Stars are the Brewers Double-A affiliate, and their pitching coach, John Curtis, retired today for personal reasons relating to his family.  Curtis had been the Stars pitching coach for the past nine seasons.  He will be replaced by Chris Hook, who was most recently the pitching coach for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Single-A).  Hook pitched in the majors for 11 seasons and has been with the Brewers organization since 2008.  Dave Chavarria will fill the role that Hook voided on the Timber Rattlers staff.  Chavarria spent the 2011 season in the Texas Rangers minor league system in the same role. 

Brewers Get 6 Games from FOX –

Those of you lucky enough to live in the Midwest, will have 6 opportunities to watch the Brewers on “FOX Saturday Baseball Game of the Week”.  Two games in April (7, 28) against the Red Birds, two games in May (5,12) against the Giants and Cubs, and two more in June (23, 30) with the White Sox and D’Backs.  Now, I would assume that these games will all be subject to change…and blackouts.  If blackouts become a factor, you can probably scratch the White Sox and Giants game from this list.  For those of you living on the West Coast…you get nothing because the Brewers did not land a single ESPN prime time game.  Just another middle-finger to this organization, after the crap they pulled with Braun..I feel like they owe us a little.

‘Arctic Tailgate’ Is Set –

For those of you unfamiliar with this particular event, it is really just a fancy way of saying, “Single game tickets go on sale today”.  The ‘Arctic Tailgate’ is set for February 25th.  You are not allowed to camp out until noon on Thursday, so make sure you at least go to work in the morning.  Then take a nice 3 and a half day weekend and head out to Miller Park.  If you are lucky enough to be one of the first 2,000 people there, you will receive a hot dog, a soda, and a t-shirt.  Tickets will go on sale Friday morning at 9am and the Box Office will close at 5pm.  If you feel like being lazy and much more comfortable, you can order tickets on-line or by calling (414)902-4000.

Braun Test May Have Been Mishandled –

Curt Hogg over at Plushdamentals, wrote an amazing article that fell onto my lap on Monday thanks to a FanSided family member.  Click here to read it.  Normally this would warrant an entire article, but it is not my story to write about.  I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due.  If this story is true, not only does Plushdamentals blow-up Hollywood style, but once again makes my home town of Kenosha the black hole of all that is soulless and wrong.  Great article.  Well worth the read.  Thanks to Ricky Keeler for throwing this terrific article my way. 

Nyjer Morgan Is Hilarious –

I am just going to tell you to watch this video.  It explains itself. 

This is how Junk Drawer Wednesday will work.  I will cram things into one article that I can not write an entire article about.  Sound fair?  Have a wonderful rest of your hump day. 

Read that article and watch the T-Plush video.  You will not regret either!!