Brewers Junk Drawer Wednesday


Hello everyone and welcome back to Brewers Junk Drawer Wednesday.  However, due to the FanSided network’s server updates and complete overhaul, you may be viewing this on Thursday.  I have been assured that this new server is going to make sure that these “outages” never happen again.  Thank you for your patience today, I know it is not easy…especially considering the fact that we published like 75 articles during all of the outages.  Please be patient and I promise you things will get better over the next couple of days.  Thank you for being faithful to our site and coming back.  You shant regret this (is that how you combine shall and not, shant…seems right).

Let’s see what we have in the junk drawer from the week of February 17th – February 22nd.

Still No Braun Verdict

This is not surprising since Bud Selig runs Major League Baseball.  Aside from the fact that almost all of Brewers nation already hates Selig, drawing this out is only making it worse (if that is possible).  Now they have waited so long that no one wins in this situation.  Whether Ryan Braun is suspended or not, both Braun and the MLB will lose.  Braun haters will think he got away with taking steroids, or having herpes.  Braun lovers will loathe MLB and how hit handles all of its business.  Meanwhile, MLB lovers will boo MLB for letting Braun go free, while those who hate it…will continue hating it.  Way to go Bud.  Maybe you should pass the buck to your daughter now, save yourself any further embarrassment.  Hey, it worked once right?

Axford and Wolf make appearance on “Cooper”

John and Randy are going to appear on Anderson Cooper’s television show this week, via video feed, to present Medford resident, Matt Raznik, with a fully functioning prosthetic forearm and hand.  The “bionic arm” was made by Advanced Arm Dynamics.  The two pitchers prime goal was to invite Raznik and his family to Spring Training.  Matt said in the interview that he was most looking forward to playing catch with his son.  That makes me smile.  Raznik is also expected to throw out a first pitch during a game at Miller Park this season.  Which makes me smile yet again.

Brewers sign another outfielder, Jay Gibbons

Obviously the team misses Mark Kotsay(I mean, I don’t…but they must), so they went out and got the next best thing, Jay Gibbons.  Gibbons will be 35 years old in a few weeks, which makes him one of two things; 1) perfect bench role player for Ron Roenicke or 2) a guy who will be unemployed in a few weeks.  Gibbons joins fellow veteran without a prayer, Corey Patterson as some sort of sick insurance policy in case Braun gets suspended.  The only other possible explanation is that they needed another right-handed bat in the outfield.  Norichika Aoki, Nyjer Morgan, and Patterson are all lefties.  That leaves only Gomez, in the event that Corey Hart has to fill in at first base.  So, go ahead and welcome Jay Gibbons.  And yes, Gibbons also has a hot wife.  This guy is basically Diet Kotsay…Kotsay Lite…Kotsay Zero…insert Kotsay joke here. 

Mat Gamel is ready to replace Prince

Gamel went out of his way this off-season to make sure that he did not disappoint in his first opportunity to play every day in the big leagues.  The kid went out and hired a personal trainer to make sure he made a good impression.  Both Roenicke and Gamel have admitted that Mat was not in shape when he showed up last spring.  Maty G also admitted that he likes the fact that his balls are up against the ban-saw, since he has no more minor-league options.  At this point the only thing that Gamel appears to have to worry about is where he will bat in the lineup.  The team has stated time and time again that Gamel is their man at 1st base, so now he just has to keep the job.  As one of our writers speculated a few weeks ago, the team does appear to have an inclination to give Taylor Green a few opportunities to play 1st base this spring.  I suspect that the team just wants to see how versatile Green can be in a back-up role this season.  We will have to see if Gamel can finally be what we have all been waiting for. 

So, that is what I found in the junk drawer this week.  Tune in next Wednesday for another edition of the Junk Drawer.  Again, thank you for your patience during our outage yesterday.

Go Brewers!!!