MLB Fan Cave Interview Part I: All About Steve Sievwright


Well, another year has passed and once again, I have not been selected by the MLB Fan Cave. (In all honesty, I didn’t try this year. But still, recognize the talent, guys.)

This year, however, I get to do the next best thing: interview one of the finalists for the Fan Cave, a Wisconsin Native named Steve Sievwright. Vote for him here and support one of only two Wisconsin natives and Brewers fans in their bid for a shot at the MLB Fan Cave. Join me after the jump to learn about what makes Steve Sievwright tick.

Imagine, if you will, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. A sprawling city in the center of America’s Dairyland. Home of the Pointers and, truthfully, little else (although I highly recommend The Wooden Chair for breakfast and Polito’s for pizza any time). It seems like the perfect place for Steve Sievwright to be from: a quirky, self-effacing man who loves the Brewers with a passion.
His video is perfectly suited for the way one from Wisconsin should approach a position as highly coveted as the MLB Fan Cave – essentially it’s two minutes of Steve playing to the camera while he narrates how not to mess the whole thing up in his head.

"It’s kind of just how I am every day. I have a monologue going in my head constantly like a comic book character. I also believe that if you can’t make fun of yourself; you can’t make fun of anything. – SS"

Steve is rare amongst finalists in that he does not contribute to the vast ocean that is the MLB blogosphere, but it didn’t stop him from getting drawn in to the idea of being one of the faces of the league’s fanbase.

"I followed the Fan Cave last year, I thought it was a great idea. One day I was sitting around watching MLB Network and a commercial came on and asked ‘Are you ready for the best year of your baseball life?’ and it was pretty much like an infomercial when they are asking all the questions and I’m like ‘yeah’, ‘Yeah’, ‘YEAH’ and completely sucked in to the idea of it. This is better than ending up with a Slap Chop though."

Following that moment of clarity, Steve decided to take his chances on the application process.

"I had to make a two minute video displaying why I’m the most entertaining fan in the MLB and write two 500 word essays. [One of the essays] I chose [was] the Top 3 headlines going in to 2012. My top three headlines were: Does spending all that money lead to wins for the Marlins, How the Brewers fair without Prince, and It’s about time Teddy wins a Presidential Race. The hard part was the waiting until they announced who had made the Top 50."

At this point, I’d like to go on record and agree with Steve – Let’s go Teddy! But all of that aside, we know what happens next. Steve was chosen as one of the 50 most entertaining baseball fans in the country.

"Well funny thing is that when the MLB reps called me to tell me I made it I missed the call. I called back and they didn’t pick up either."

Talk about a bad time for a game of phone tag. At least he had a system of support though, right? Friends, family and significant others can be very helpful in times of hardship like this.

"I didn’t tell my girlfriend up to this point and she could tell something was up. So I explained it to her and she was none too pleased."

"I was shaking as they told me all the information. At the end I said, ‘Alright, Thank you so much. I’m going to jump around and scream now!’"

One of the great things for Steve, besides just the shot at being in the Fan Cave, is the idea that he is one of two people who would be able to represent the Milwaukee Brewers all season long. It seems Steve loves Brewers fans almost as much as the Brewers themselves.

"We’re a rabid and loyal bunch. The Brewers have the smallest market in the league but still manage to sell three million tickets a season. Plus I would like nothing more than to wear retro Brewers gear all summer long."

While I’m pretty sure Steve wears his fair share of Brewers gear regardless of whether or not he gets the position, one thing is clear: he is as passionate a Brewer and baseball fan as I have ever met, and would more than live up to the challenge of watching and reporting on the MLB for every game of the 2012 season. He does, however, have a backup plan if he should have to interview any division rivals, namely a St. Louis Cardinal or Chicago Cub.

"I think on those days I might be ‘sick’."

Please remember to vote to Steve Sievwright here, and we wish him all the best on his bid for a spot in the MLB Fan Cave. Join us later as we make Steve put on his analyst hat in part two of our interview.