Robbie Knopf over at Seedlings to Stars has compiled the first, of w..."/> Robbie Knopf over at Seedlings to Stars has compiled the first, of w..."/> Robbie Knopf over at Seedlings to Stars has compiled the first, of w..."/>

Seedlings to Stars Mock Draft Makes Brewers Look Smart


Robbie Knopf over at Seedlings to Stars has compiled the first, of what I assume will be many, mock draft.  Especially since the draft is not until June 4th.  Baseball is one of the only major sports that holds it’s draft while the season is actually going on.  I kind of love it that way.  Plus it is much less glamorous than the NFL or NBA draft, which usually piss me off…(both are on ESPN).  But, if your team is smart, you can have those players signed and in your farm system before the season comes to an end.  I think that is the only reason having the draft during the season works for baseball, length of regular season.    

Last season the Brewers made a huge statement by drafting Taylor Jungmann and Jed Bradley, two college level starting pitchers.  One a righty and the other a south paw.  Both young men appear to have terrific futures in the Brewers organization.  In Robbie’s first Mock of 2012, he has the Crew (who has back to back picks) taking solid all around players.  Both gentlemen can play more than one position, which is intriguing…and a little terrifying.  Let’s take a little deeper look at who Robbie thinks the Crew will go after in the first round:

Brewers 27th Pick – Rio Ruiz, 3B/RHP

This is the Fielder Pick…for those of you following along at home.
Like I said, in this mock, the Brewers are taking all around solid players.  Rio Ruiz projects as a solid 3rd baseman once he fills out a little bit (currently 6’2″ and 195lbs).  But from what Robbie says (and he is the expert) this High School product already has a low 90’s fastball and very good slider.  If the Draft went this way and we landed Ruiz, I would be pretty happy.  This is a good thing either way.  The team needs some depth in the infield and you can never have enough good pitching prospects.  Whenever you pick a kid out of HS, it is a gamble.  Rio is no different, but his name is awesome and he could certainly be ready to go at 3rd base by the time Aramis Ramirez‘s contract expires in 2014.  

Brewers 28th Pick –  Brian Johnson, RHP/1B

Brian would come to us from the Florida Gators.  His best chance at making the big leagues will be as a pitcher.  Robbie speculates that he will probably be more of a 3rd or 4th starter in a rotation.  Good fastball, average breaking stuff, but a really good changeup.  Johnson is another big boy like Bradley and Jungmann, at 6’4″ and 227lbs.  Robbie seems to have a solid understanding of what the Crew is looking for in pitchers…big beastly work horses.  Now Brian also plays some first base, but his defense is suspect and he strikes out way too much.  Anything can happen once big league coaches start working with you, and Tebow knows that we need some 1st base depth.  But, like I said about Ruiz, you can never have too much pitching in your minor league system. 

If this is how the draft shook down, I would be pretty happy.  However, the Brewers have a scouting staff, that now includes Zack Greinke apparently, known for finding diamonds in the rough.  No one expected the team to take two pitchers last year, so trying to guess what they will do is pointless. 

Go over to S2S and check out the entire Mock Draft and read all of Robbie’s thoughts about what the Brew Crew should be focusing on.  Thanks Robbie.  Can’t wait to see who you have in the supplemental rounds!