Brewers Getting Major Love in the FanSided Universe


Nothing makes my heart full of more… heart juice, then when other sites write terrific articles about my team.  In the last 24 hours, two wonderful articles have popped up on other FanSided sites.  One terrific article, is the follow-up piece from Robbie Knopf’s Mock Draft over at Seedlings to Stars.  The other article that really tickled my fancy (hmm, that sounded dirtier than I intended), was writen by Kyle Davis and involved Zack Greinke winning another Cy Young in 2012. 

Tonight I would like to take a look at both of those articles and share some of my thoughts with you.  Before you read my thoughts, you should go read their articles.  Therefore, let us start with Kyle Davis’ article from Call to the Pen.  It is all about Zack Greinke bringing another Cy Young to Milwaukee

Lou’s Editorial

The first thing I noticed, I do not have the same curious fascination with Greinke as Kyle clearly does.  It’s not like he sleeps with a photo of him next to his bed fascinated, but probably a step below that.  Kyle references an article that lists ZG as one of the top 3 fantasy baseball pitchers in the National League this season, and I agree.  Although, there is something you all should know about me.  I only played fantasy baseball one time, Greinke was on my team, and he won the Cy Young.  Does this mean I should join a fantasy baseball league?  Probably not, but just something I thought you should all know.  And don’t ask me too, because I hate fantasy baseball…accept it.

There is no doubt that Greinke knows how to strikeout batters.  Mr. Davis points out that Zack averaged over 10 strikeouts per 9 innings, which is pretty awesome.  Kyle covers almost every aspect of why Shaq Greinke was not as dominant as we had hoped, but there is one thing that I really need to emphasise.  Yuniesky Betancourt.  Greinke got much worse in 2010, which was his first season with Yuni Betancourt playing shortstop.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Then in 2011 Greinke gave up more home runs than he ever had in his career.  Now, Kyle attributes that to pitch selection and adjusting to batters.  His article does talk about the ineptitude of Betancourt, but I think his departure will be one of the best things to happen to Zack.  I genuinely think Greinke was pitching to fly-balls because he did not trust the right side of his infield.  Who could blame him?  This season, that should not be an issue. That is why I think Greinke could win the Cy Young. 

Truth is, Kyle’s article is spot on.  He leaves nary a rock unturned.  You have to go read this article, because this guy seems to be the Greinke whisperer.  Great work Monsieur Davis.  I tip my cap to you and your strange obsession with our starting pitcher.  You should all go follow him on Twitter @AgainstKyle

Now let’s talk about Robbie Knopf’s continuation of his Mock Draft at Seedlings to Stars.  Yesterday he posted the supplemental Mock, then messaged me to tell me how jazzed he was about who he thought the Brewers would pick.  Here is his entire Mock for the supplemental round, you should check it out. 

Lou’s Editorial

38th Pick Overall (also a Fielder Pick) – Addison Russell, SS

Once again, Robbie has made the Brewers look extremely intelligent.  While I will never debate this fact, perhaps he is giving us too much credit.  This kid sounds like he could be the next big thing in this franchise.  He hits too all fields, has power, and from what our boy over at S2S has to say…his upside is through the roof.  Now, the part of this article that caught me off guard was Russell’s build.  Very rarely do you see a 6’1″ and 205 pound shortstop in this day and age…well, any day and age I guess.  If the Brewers went ahead and drafted this kid, he is straight out of High School and that always makes me nervous.  But, since I can not find any real information on this kid other than what Robbie wrote about…I will leave it too the experts and people who have access to tape of this kid in action.  As an organization, we need to be stockpiling any and all talent right now, so any pick is a good one.  It’s best to draft these type of players now, while there is still time to develop them.  The wheels are slowly going to start falling off our wagon, so management needs to replace those wheels now.

Robbie, you were right.  I really like this pick too.  Perhaps you should get a job with the Brewers front office, that way you can get paid for your genius and obvious love of the Brewers.

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