...until it gets rebooted by another writer on this staff.  So, I guess that just makes ..."/> ...until it gets rebooted by another writer on this staff.  So, I guess that just makes ..."/>

The Steve Sievwright Rises: Epic Conclusion…


…until it gets rebooted by another writer on this staff.  So, I guess that just makes it the conclusion…of the middle of this story (we hope!!).

Sit back relax and enjoy, as Steve and I spin a fabulous yarn.  But first, let’s catch you up to speed:

"Steve made the MLB FanCave Top 50, talked to Colin, made Top 30.  Flew to Arizona, ate chicken strips, met famous people.  Sang karaoke, Wonder Boy, and a cactus."

I left you all at the cactus right?

RtB:  Ok, so the cactus has come and gone.  You are feeling pretty awesome.  The bus stops at Maryvale, tell me about being there. 

Upon arriving at Maryvale, I got off the bus to something I didn’t expect. Shaun Marcum and Yovani Gallardo walked right by me. But they didn’t get much further than that. Turns out, they couldn’t get in to the clubhouse because the doors were locked. Again, famous people are just people too.

RtB:  That is kind of awesome.  Was there somebody there waiting for you ?

Not really, I got to walk around an empty stadium. I taught Paul DiMeo how to use Twitter…

RtB:  Nice.  Good for you.  I hope that counts as charitable work.  How long where you at Maryvale?  

Throughout the day, I saw sights anyone would want to see: Robin Yount, batting practice, even Aaron Rodgers was there. Everything took my breath away. None of the other finalists experienced the day like I did. This was my team and those were my players! I was telling everyone who this and that guy was. Brewers executives introduced themselves to me. Even beat writer Adam McCalvy walked up to me, because he said he wanted to meet me. I met John Axford and Kameron Loe. Got to interview John; once again, totally geeking out on the inside. The team of finalists with me and I received a tweet that we had a contest to shoot a commercial for MLB Shop. Then just as quickly as it started the time at Maryvale was over.

RtB: I watched your teams commercial, you were breathtaking.  I was thrilled at first because of all the Brewers stuff, but then I realized that everyone who wasn’t you refused wear Brewers stuff.  Why did you cast a bunch of haters in your commercial? 

Thanks, the commercial was really hard to shoot the rule was we couldn’t have any camera cuts. The concept was, “Hey, we’re here in Brewers country, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying what you might want”, at MLB Shop.com. What you don’t get to see is how many takes that was. Pro wrestler Joey Ryan was the Angels fan on the end and his disgusted face made me crack up every time I looked. I had to shoot and not look in the viewfinder to prevent laughs. I also couldn’t remember my lines for the life of me I felt like Gag Reel on a DVD.

Here is the commercial:

RtB:  Love that commercial.  Anyway, you guys got done filming and….

As I came back to the hotel, I had another interview to complete. A panel interview, this time, with all the Fan Cave reps and other miscellaneous important people. This was a lot less nerve racking though. This panel did their research into us and each interview was personalized. It was informal and comfortable the perfect chance to be myself. They asked me about my skit ideas and a few other things. I got some laughs and applause, it felt great.

RtB: Was that the last thing you had to do for the competition? 

That night, we had a farewell party at a bowling alley with our own VIP section blocked off. Very nice. I had a chance to talk with the 30 and I even managed to do my own version of schmoozing (making jokes at others expense). After the party, it was all over. We all returned to the hotel and that was the whole ride. I wanted to hang out with the 30, and I did, but there was one final assignment…a 750 word essay. I got to it at 4am and wrote about how much it would mean to me to move on.

I didn’t go to bed that night and left for the airport at 6am. Just like that it was all over. A few hours later I was back in Wisconsin and finally got some sleep. Nineteen hours worth, to be exact.

 RtB:  Wow Steve.  You had one heck of a ride. What is on your mind right now, after all of that? 

Did being myself pay off? Or is being slightly introverted and nerdy not what they wanted? Within the next week we’ll all find out I guess. No one truly knows what they were looking for. I hope that they were looking for someone like me, but you could make a case for any of the 30 to make it. 

RtB:  What did you take away from being with that group of people?

We all took it as a chance to experience something incredible with each other. Not one of us thought we had enough time with each other. We are all connected for the rest of our lives and no one would ever change that. 

That is it everyone.  The Steve Sievwright saga has come to a conclusion…for now.

Thank you again to Steve.  I had an amazing time putting this together and can not express my gratitude enough, for you taking the time to talk with us.  Be sure and follow Steve on Twitter @Siev27.  Everyone send good thoughts his way.  Hopefully the sage will re-emerge in New York City. 

Best of Luck Steve!!!  We are pulling for you!!!