Brewers Thursday Junk Drawer


I know that normally we sift through the paper clips and burned Dave Matthews CD’s on Wednesday, but we had a special guest yesterday.  That just means the junk drawer got a day cooler.

Since Spring Training is underway, I thought we would check up on a few players who maybe are not at the forefront of our minds right now.  It is easy to write about Braun, Hart, Greinke…etc.  They get plenty of print and do not need my help.  There are some guys playing pretty good ball right now who are not superstars.  There are also some guys who are not looking so fresh.

If you are seeking a visual stimulant of the superstar variety, I posted a video in the HUB of some Yo highlights from his start on Tuesday.  Our boy is looking…nasty.  As in filthy.  Check that out.

Brewers Junk Drawer:

Tyler Thornburg and Michael Fiers got roughed up –   Thorny is 21 years old, on the verge of breaking into the big leagues.  Fiers was the organizations minor-league pitcher of the year in 2011.  Both guy got beat up this week.  Fiers got tagged for 4 hits, 3 runs (all earned), a home run, and a 13.50 ERA….in one inning against the White Sox.  It was not great.  Then on Tuesday, Ty Thor never had a chance.  Granted, all 3 of his runs were un-earned, but he did not do himself any favors.  Lead of single, sac fly, double, strikeout, throwing error…two runs score.  That was the end of his day.  While that was not his fault, I still classify that as “getting roughed up”.  No pitcher wants to be responsible for 3 runs, even if they are all unearned.  There is a lot of spring training left.  Both of these guys are going to learn a lot from watching Gallardo, Greinke, Marcum, Wolf…etc.  That is why this is in the junk drawer.  Both guys will turn it around.

 Zelous Wheeler hits first Brewers Home Run of 2012 –   Wheeler unloaded on Jeremy Affeldt in the game on Monday night.  Affeldt is a really good pitcher, and Wheeler took him deep to the opposite field.  What’s that, you want to see the video…oh, I have it:

So, mark it down.  Z-Dub setting the tone.  That was an impressive home run, against a major league reliever.  Well played.

Caleb Gindl benefiting from Hart injury –  Caleb Gindl has gotten a fair amount of playing time so far this spring.  Logan Schafer is also getting his fair share.  Gindl had a monster day at the plate today, with a huge 3-run blast in the 6th inning.  Sorry, no video for this one. He also had a single.  Caleb has always been fascinating to me, not because of his skill, but because of his size.  At a generous 5″9′ and 205 lbs., Gindl is not your prototypical outfielder.  That does not seem to slow him down though.  With Hart out for the duration of Spring Training, I think we will be hearing a lot more about this kid.  I believe that he has the potential to earn a roster spot.  Swings a solid stick, takes pitches (a rarity in these parts), and he is pretty handy with the glove.  His bat will earn him a roster spot. 

Frankie De La Cruz does a Jekyll and Hyde –  De La Cruz is a guy who is getting a little old to be a prospect, but he seems to be putting it together…sometimes.  Frankie made his season debut and threw two scoreless inning, only giving up one hit.  Also recorded the 2nd strikeout of the Brewers season (1st – Wily Peralta).  Then today, they gave Frank the ball and he threw up 4’s: 4 hits, 4 runs, and only 4 outs.  This guy is more confusing than Dave Bush.  You’re good, you’re bad, you’re ok, you are the worst, and now you’re in the junk drawer.  Maybe he was working on a new pitch today, who knows.  But after his performance on Sunday, I doubt that ol’ Rick Kranitz told him to make any adjustments.  Let’s hope he figures out how to keep Frank at bay.  Frankie is a way better pitcher. 

They have only played four games, so a little too soon to really be writing a full report.  Thus, the junk drawer.  The Crew is .500 on the fake season.

Go Brewers!!