ST Update: Brewers Lose Split-Squad Games


I have always believed that in baseball, more so than other sports, you can learn more from a loss than you will from a win.  Even though today’s games did not end in victory, there were some very exciting things happening.  If certain players learned something, or gained some confidence from today’s games…then the loses are well worth it.

Today the Brewers played the Oakland A’s, meanwhile the Milwaukee Brewers also played the Seattle Mariners.  It’s very strange I know.  Basically, it is a ST gimmick, used to cram more playing time in than the calendar would allow.  This is a practice only used during Spring Training (where attendance is in the Benjamin’s).  It can only happen because of the sheer number of players involved in ST.  These sort of shenanigans can only happen in the magical land of…Arizona.

Game 1:

Brewers 6  vs.  Athletics 8

This game was bizarre.  It really reached ‘Total Recall’ status, when the A’s decimated Frankie De La Cruz in the bottom of the 7th.  Let’s keep it simple.  He did not record an out, but was responsible for 4 runs.  This is something we already know, FDLC is erratic as H.  However, Michael Fiers looked very good today.  The aspiring prospect got the start , pitched 2 solid innings.  Gave up 1 run, on 1 hit, with 4 strikeouts.  Any pitcher will give up runs, but to strikeout 4 of the 6 outs you recorded…nice.  Tim Dillard continues to be very impressive, as h threw two innings and gave up one solo home run. 

The offense was a different story.  Martin Maldonado was the lone Brewers home run in this game.  Logan Schafer and Nyjer Morgan were the only two player to record more than one hit.  On the ST seasons, Schafer is batting .588.  Who is going to complain about that?  Then you have Carlos Gomez…who went 0 for 4, with 2 strikeouts.  That brings his ST average to a smoldering .125.  Maybe we will see a trade before the season starts, because it appears that the Brewers are stacked in the outfield.  Brooks Conrad was no better, he struck out in all 3 of his AB’s.  But my favorite downer of this game would be the 5 and 6 spots in today’s lineup, Taylor Green and Mike Rivera.  Those two fellows combined to leave 11 runners on base. 

What did we learn?  Fiers can pitch.  FDLC is a coin flip.  Dillard should be in the pen.  Logan Schafer might steal Carlos Gomez job. Brooks Conrad misses a lot.  Don’t ever bat Tay Green in front of Rivera.  Score more runs.  Let’s see what was going on with the other Brewers.

Game 2:

Mariners 7  vs.  Brewers 4

This game featured another 5 run outburst…this time it was in the Top of the 9th inning.  The score was tied 2-2, until Mark Rogers put himself in a really bad spot.  He left the game with the bases loaded, one run had already scored, and he had only recorded one out.  Things just spiraled out of control from there.  The highlight of this game though, was Zack Greinke.  Our boy threw 3 complete innings, striking out 5, giving up one hit, and one walk.  I’m calling it right now, he is going to win the Cy Young.  You can all laugh if you want, but we should have locked him up before the season started.  We will never be able to afford him after the clinic he puts on this season. 

What I was really excited about today, was Scooter Gennett.  Now, he went 0 for 2, but I was just excited to see him on the field.  Ryan Braun went 0 for 3 again.  My panic meter skipped a little, but went right back to “Don’t Panic”.  It was nice to see Aramis Ramirez and Alex Gonzalez both get into the swing of things, each going 2 for 3.  Travis Ishikawa is trying really hard to make this team.  Today, he hit his 2nd home run of ST and went 2 for 4 on the day.  There are all kinds of upsets a-brewin’ (pun intended).  And, even though the team was down 7-2, George Kottaras hit a 2-run homer to make the score more acceptable.  That home run also gave me hope that the Crew will be able to hit multi-run homers this season…because so-far, it seems like 2011 was not a strange coincidence.  Get ready for A LOT of solo home runs. 

So, what did we learn?  Mark Rogers is meh.  Zack Greinke is going to win the Cy Young and we will all cry.  Scooter Gennett played.  Braun is not making me panic.  Aramis and Alex are in talks to star in their own sitcom.  Travis Ishikawa wants to be the Japanese Prince Fielder. George Kottaras gave me hope. 

Tomorrow we play the Cubs.  Wolf is on the mound.  Aramis Ramirez should sit this one out, unless he wants to get beaned.

Go Brewers!!!