Go to BRM and vote for the All NL Central Team!


Last year, all of the Head Writers got together and put together our All NL Central Team.  I thought we had a pretty impressive team, but a lot has changed since then.  New faces and new places.

Steve Engbloom over at Blog Red Machine, has taken it upon himself to let all of the NL Central readers pick the Fansided All NL Central Team.  Pretty awesome idea.  Because after all, this is a democracy.

If you are reading this you are probably a Brewers fan, or at the very least someone who has a vested interest in the team, thus you should vote.  You will find many Brewers on this list, and many of them are deserving to be the starters for this team.  That puts a big old smile on my face.

That aside, please set your homerdom on vibrate and answer honestly.  Do you really think that Nyjer Morgan should be in Center Field over Andrew McCutcheon?  I sure don’t.  Love T-Plush, but there is just no way. 

No one knows the NL Central better than the fans.  That is why I love Steve’s initiative to let you decide who whould represent the NL Central on behalf of the Fansided universe.  Follow this link to cast your vote. 

Voting will close on April 3rd at noon.  Then be sure to listen to the BRM podcast on opening day, to find out who the winners are.  I will keep everyone posted with more info on the podcast as they become available to me.

Be sure and thank Steve while you are there.  It will make him smile!!