Tweetin’ with the Brew Crew: March’s Top Tweets


The reasoning for my affection for Twitter is predominantly arcane. I swear, Twitter must have doses of nicotine in it, because now I’m addicted. It’s my place to desultorily babble to 560 others who couldn’t care less and stay up to date on the world–the sports world, more specifically.

This is where the Brewers come into play. Deftly put, they tweet, I read. I tweet, they don’t read. And, as of now, they tweet, I read, and I blog about reading their tweets.

“Tweeting with the Brew Crew” will be a regular segment on RtB, especially once the season begins and I finish the Season Outlook series. Each week or so, I’ll scour my list on Twitter containing solely Brewers players and post the ones I deem worthy in this segment. They might be funny, insightful, updates, inspiration, in Spanish (with loose translation done by yours truly), from prospects, current Brewers, coaches, or the always-comical parody accounts. I might even throw in some commentary. Who knows?

Let the Tweets commence.

Nyjer Morgan (@TheRealTPlush): Sweet Sixteen Baby

  • @TheRealTPlush: Tony Stumble love it!!! Did anybody get the sniper that tried to take Plush out?
  • Carlos Gomez (@C_Gomez27): Lol Thank you for the support!! RT @Ericalovesbraun @C_Gomez27your by far the best looking brewer 🙂 good luck this season!!! Can you RT?
  • So the girl’s Twitter handle is @Ericalovesbraun, but she’s hitting on Go-Go? Welcome to Milwaukee.

    • @C_Gomez27: @_DennyBoo gracias el placer ees mioo tener fanaticos tan fieelees como usteedes gracias

    Thanks, the pleasure is mine to have fans as faithful as you guys. Thanks.

    • Nick Ramirez (@nickramirez3314): Well my followers unfortunately yest i broke my hamate bone in my right hand. Surgery on wednesday game ready again in 6-7 weeks small speed.
    • Eric Farris (eroc86): If ur wearin Jordan 11s u automatically have the illest kicks in the building! #EricsRandomThoughts
    • Kyle Heckathorn (@kyleheckathorn): Nap city, nap nap nap city
    • Evan Anundsen (@ImOldGreeeeg31) : Elway goes from Gods qb to the greatest qb haha I think it’s time I buy my Bronco jersey lets go Peyton!

    Now for some Tarheel posts.

    Wooten also commented on the Wisconsin loss to Syracuse. It hurt too much to post here.


    • @JohnAxford: I thought for sure that Peyton was coming to play for the Ti-Cats!#ThatsATeamInTheCFL

    And now, Hunger Games, anyone?

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