Eric Farris Interview: Brewers Prospect Talks Goals, Speed, and the Farris Wheel


After being selected in the fourth round of the 2007 MLB Amateur Draft, Brewers infielder Eric Farris worked his way through the system to earn top-20 prospect status from and a mid-season promotion to the major leagues in 2011.

Farris, listed at 5-foot-9, makes up for his stature with a blend of speed, average, and fielding. He swiped 70 bases in high-A ball in 2009. Over his minor league career, he has accumulated 159 steals, compared to 20 home runs.

Now in his third season with the AAA Nashville Sounds, Farris is on the cusp of the big leagues. He made his debut in the majors on July 28 of last season when he grounded out to second–the at-bat stands at his only appearance in a major league game so far.

Not only is he one of the top prospects in the organization, but one of the top tweeters, as well. His Twitter handle (@eRoc86) has gained over 2,000 followers. #EricsRandomThoughts are some of the best tweets from any Brewers player–I mean, how do hotel maids make the beds so perfectly?

Reviewing the Brew recently interviewed Eric as I try to reach the goal of interviewing at least one player from each level of the Brewers organization. This follows up interviews with Seth Harvey and Tyler Thornburg from A Wisconsin and AA Huntsville, respectively.

RtB: How is the environment in Nashville with each player knowing he’s just one call away from the big leagues? 

Eric Farris:  Everyone jus tries to keep themselves prepared and on their toes because like u said we’re all simply a phone call away and we have to be ready!

RtB: What are your short-term goals as a player?

Farris: Short term I want to keep all my skills sharp and have improve daily and I want to have a good season and compete at a high level.

RtB: Long-term?

Farris: Ultimately I want to be in the big leagues and stay there. There’s nothing more that I want than an illustrious big league career.

RtB: Minor League sites and publications have you listed as one of the top prospects in the Brewers organization. Do you pay any attention to these or are irrelevant to you?

Farris: I try not to worry or pay too much attention to the media or publications like that. All I can control is what I do on the field and thats what I work at. If I was to worry to much about those other things than it could hinder my play.

RtB: I’ve asked this to the two guys I’ve interviewed so far: What are the best and worst parts of being a minor leaguer?

Farris: I definitely enjoy the grind of being a minor leaguer and the continuous work it takes to get to the big leagues. When you’re in the minors you know what you’re striving for and you go for it everyday. The tough part is the travel…A minor league schedule is not easy and days off dont come too often. Not to mention commercial flights are rough when traveling with 30 people!

RtB: You spent some time with the Brewers last year after Rickie Weeks got injured. What was that like and what were the most noticeable differences between the life in the minors and majors?

Farris: In the big leagues there’s a certain seriousness and expectation from the fans, the organization, and your teammates. The intensity level is really high and the atmosphere is electric! I’d say it’s everything anyone could possibly imagine!

RtB: You stole 70 bases in 2009. Would you say that’s your strongest area? What part of your game would you say you focus the most on improving?

Farris: Base stealing is definitely one of my stronger areas as well as defense. I can’t say I focus on anything the most since there’s so many aspects of the game that I want improve upon and perfect.

RtB: Is there a player in particular whose game you model yours after? Or is it your own style?

Farris: My skill set may be similar to certain players but I don’t purposely model my game after anybody! I want to be in the big leagues and ultimately be One of a Kind!

RtB: You’re the man Eric! Keep doing work in Nashville and the Farris Wheel’s gonna be coming to Miller Park soon! Best of luck this season.

Farris: You bet!