Bob Uecker Headed to the Hall of Fame…Again


45 years after ending a mediocre baseball career, former Milwaukee Braves and St. Louis Cardinals catcher Bob Uecker has been selected by the Veterans Committee to become enshrined as a player in Cooperstown. The career Mendoza Line hitter who hit fourteen home runs and put up an egg in the stolen bases department will enter the Hall of Fame as a player, rather than as the Brewers longtime radio broadcaster.

No, but seriously now.

Ueck will be inducted to the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Las Vegas on Tuesday. As phenomenal as he was as a player, he won’t be receiving the call from Cooperstown anytime soon for his accomplishments on the field. This isn’t the first time for Uecker to be “honored” in a Hall of Fame ceremony, writes Shawn Anderson of the Hall of Very Good.

In 2010, Uecker made his way into the WWE Hall of Fame (“It’s going to be a hoot,” Uecker told the Journal Sentinal, “I’m already shopping for tights.”) and was then inducted into the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame; I think it’s safe to say his career accolades have all been accomplished.

Davey Nelson will fill in for Uecker for Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers, but Bob will return for Wednesday’s contest.