Brewers vs. Giants Series Preview with Around the Foghorn’s Amanda Gill


Thursday’s off day for the Brewers had to be nothing short of a godsend after a forgettable series in San Diego. What’s in the past is in

the past, right? After being shutout in the final two games of the series, including a paltry display against He Who Shall Not Be Named on Wednesday’s rubber match, it gets no easier for the Brew Crew. They face a lethal combination of the three aces of the San Francisco Giants at one of the best pitcher’s parks in the league. Now would be a great time for some bats to catch fire.

Reviewing the Brew: With the Giants’ three aces (Bumgarner, Lincecum, and Cain) all starting in this series, which one do you expect to give the Brewers the most troubles and which one is most vulnerable? 

Around the Foghorn: Probably the most vulnerable is Lincecum, in my opinion. A lot of his dominance is based off him having confidence. Matt Cain is calm, cool, and collected no matter what. And Bumgarner has great stuff. So, I believe that Lincecum is the most vulnerable because he is still building up his confidence after a not-so.-great start to the season

RtB: After a rough, rough start, Lincecum has a 0.69 ERA over his last two starts (both wins). Is he returning back to Cy Young form?

AtF: I do believe his is returning back to form. Having a start against the Padres(a team he pitches very well against) really helped get his confidence up. His fastball velocity has been down from last year, but I believe that is not a concern. As we’ve seen with guys like Barry Zito and Jamie Moyer, location is more important than fastball velocity. Lincecum can sometimes be a head case, this game is very mental, and if Lincecum is not mentally prepared to pitch, hitters can get to him. 

RtB: Both the Brewers and Giants have gotten some bad luck with injuries in the past week. Who will fill in for the injured Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval?

AtF: Conor Gillaspie is expected to be the third base replacement for Sandoval. However, no one can really replace the Panda. He really secured that number three spot in the order for the Giants, and his energy andenthusiasm for the game will be missed on the field. Arias, Buriss, and Theriot could also see time at third base.

RtB: Madison Bumgarner has held opponents to two runs or less in his last nine starts at AT&T Park. Is he much like Zack Greinke in that he dominates at home?

AtF: I believe that as a very young pitcher, Bumgarner has more confidence pitching in his home park. However, I think that Madison has filthy stuff anywhere he pitches. He is not always devastating at AT&T, last year he had a start against the Minnesota Twins where he did not get out of the first inning. So yes, I believe he is very dominant at home. But I also believe that the longer Bumgarner pitches in the big leagues, the more confident he will be on the road.

RtB: Would you be devastated if your boy Braun didn’t play in this series? (Sore achilles)

AtF: As a Giants fan, I do not have a problem with the 2011 NL MVP not playing against my team. As a Ryan Braun fan, I will be saddened to not see him. I love him as a player, he is well-educated and well-spoken, great for the game. 

RtB: Nyjer Morgan got the whole San Francisco crowd riled up last season with his antics in center field. Do you expect there to be a

rough greeting toward him?

AtF: Giants fan do not forgive. I do believe there will be a rough recpetion for him, though I do not think it will be too bad. That is, unless he decides to get the crowd riled up again.

RtB: Now for the question of the night: Why is Tim Lincecum so sad?

AtF: Probably because he hadn’t gotten his adorable haircut yet 🙂