Carlos Gomez: Not a full time player


There are a number of reasons to dislike what we’ve seen from the Brewers this season. The most concerning thing is the injuries, followed by shaky pitching. Somewhere after that, though, is a disturbing trend with Carlos Gomez. He’s been getting starts against right-handed pitchers, and I have no idea why.

Gomez has never lived up to the lofty expectations placed on him as a top prospect coming up through the Mets’ system. Since 2011, though, he has settled into a role that brings good value to a team: a platoon starter against left-handers and a great late-game defensive replacement. That’s what he is at this point, and that’s fine. What he isn’t is a full time starter.

Gomez has had 1146 plate appearances against right-handers in his career, and against them he has a .636 OPS. Even his great center field defense doesn’t make that number passable.

What should be happening with Nyjer Morgan‘s struggles is more playing time for Norichika Aoki. Instead, Ron Roenicke is back to starting Gomez against righties. It isn’t like Gomez has shown improvement against righties in the last few years, either. Small sample-sized grain of salt, but last year Gomez had an .857 OPS against lefties, but a .566 OPS (!) against righties.

Yet here we are tonight, looking at an exciting match-up of Tim Lincecum vs. Zack Greinke, and we see Carlos Gomez is not only in the lineup, but leading off! Absurd.

Let Morgan play out of his slump. Better yet, play Aoki against righties. Don’t choose the option that is a distant third.