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Recap on Tap: Mets 3, Brewers 1


Pitching. That’s what everything boils down to. Today, our pitching looked pretty darn good. However, the Mets pitching was a tad bit more on their A-game today as they picked up the win. This game was a low scoring affair and to the fine folks at Citi Field, they know their Mets needed a win with the NL East on an uprising. What hurts us is that Chicago and Cincinnati both won tonight. Yovani Gallardo looked decent enough tonight, but just didn’t have it as Miguel Batista out dueled him in a showdown in the Big Apple.

Well, let’s get right into it, recapping our tough loss to the Mets:

Right away, the Mets’ offense wanted to produce and it did. The rookie sensation Kirk Nieuwenhuis was walked followed shortly by Lucas Duda being walked. With two on, two out and two walks in the same inning, Gallardo had a clear shot to get out of this inning. Unfortunately, Daniel Murphy singled to left scoring Nieuwenhuis and moving Duda to second. Ike Davis would strike out, ending the first. After one inning, the score was 1-0 Mets.

The top of the 2nd had a lot of potential as Taylor Green singled and advanced to third because of a throwing error by Duda. The first batter gets to third? That’s an opportunity that cannot be wasted. Of course, Brooks Conrad strikes out like he did in Sunday’s game. Cesar Izturis tries a suicide squeeze bunt to get Green home, but ultimately, Green is tagged out while trying to get home. Gallardo flies out after and the Brewers do not score.

Until the 6th, the game is pretty quiet on both sides. The bottom of the 6th starts off with a Daniel Murphy double to center. Ike Davis flies out moving Murphy over to third with one out. Ronny Cedeno hits a sacrifice to first soon after which scores Murphy. The inning ends with Mike Nickeas popping out to Rickie Weeks. After six, the Mets are winning 2-0 and Miguel Batista has pitched well.

Jose Veras replaces Yovani Gallardo in the bottom of the 7th and at this point, I’m pretty sure every Brewers’ fan collectively held their breath. However, to the surprise of anyone, Jose Veras got done what he’s been needing for awhile, a 1-2-3 inning. Tim Byrdak would relieve Miguel Batista in the top of the 8th and shut the Brewers down once again. The bottom of the 8th sees a relief appearance for K-Rod against his old team. Norichika Aoki has also taken over in center at this point. David Wright doubles for the Mets and advances to third when Lucas Duda grounds out to second. Daniel Murphy hits what should be an out to Aramis Ramirez, but instead turns into a throwing error that not only scores Wright but allows Murphy to go to second. Wonderful. We saw this the night before when Kameron Loe came in. Yes, Loe gave up a run, but it was unearned. Frankie could have easily got out of the inning without any runs, but the error hurts, especially that late in a game. After eight, it’s 3-0 Mets.

In the top of the 9th, the Mets bring in Frank Francisco to close the game. Ryan Braun hits a single and then steals second. Aramis Ramirez grounds out to short, providing Braun the opportunity to get to third. Corey Hart hits a clutch single scoring Braun. Woah, what’s this? Looks like we have life! Taylor Green is walked after Hart’s single and Francisco has found himself in a jam…that is until we realize the next batter is Brooks Conrad, who, oh you know, strikes out. George Kottaras enters the game, pinch hitting for Cesar Izturis and ends the game by flying out to right. Mets win it 3-1.

Needless to say, lately Braun has been doing everything in his willpower to help the Brew Crew win. The steal means a lot, especially that late in a game. It’s a gutsy call any time, but in the 9th when you’re already down 3-0, it’s even more intense. Tomorrow’s match up features Zack Greinke (3-1, 3.35 ERA) against the Mets’ Dillon Gee (2-2, 4.78 ERA) which will conclude this two game series. Also something to note about this game, the Brew Crew had more hits (6) than the Mets (3). This game drops the Brew Crew to 15-20 and the Mets rise to 20-15.

Final Stats:

WP: M. Batista (1-1, 4.26 ERA): 7 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 5 K’s

LP: Y. Gallardo (2-4, 5.04): 6 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 6 BB’s, 6 K’s

S: F. Francisco (9): 1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K (8.59 ERA)

Doubles: A. Ramirez (11), D. Murphy (10), D. Wright (9)

RBIs: C. Hart (17), D. Murphy (14), R. Cedeno (3)

Steals: R. Braun (6), K. Nieuwenhuis (2)

Errors: A. Ramirez (5), L. Duda (2)

Until next time, go Brew Crew!