Live Blog: Brewers vs. Blue Jays 6/19


Boy, it’s been far too long since Opening Day and our last Live Blog. Tonight we see the debut of Tyler Thornburg, as freshly up from the Minors as one can get.

Shaun Marcum was the probable in the rotation leading into this series against Toronto, but elbow soreness kept him from facing his old squad in Miller Park tonight.

The Blue Jays have been struggling to find able-bodied pitchers as well recently, and they plucked Jesse Chavez out of Triple-A yesterday to get the start in tonight’s game.

My predicition: Weirdness. Glorious, wondrous weirdness throughout. Keep your mouse close to that refresh button and hang out with us as we keep you updated on tonight’s action.

Pitching Matchup

Tyler Thornburg (0-0, 0.00) vs. Jesse Chavez (0-0, 5.40)

Tyler Thornburg is ready to cash in on his potential, or says the move Milwaukee made today to re-assign Brooks Conrad to make room for the highly-touted AA pitcher. Thornburg was scheduled to start in the Southern League All-Star game – his second Minor League All-Star nod – but instead finds himself donning the Brewer Blue, which I’m sure is just as nice. Word on Thornburg, if you haven’t seen him, is that he has a deceptive delivery that can hide his pitches well. He dominates with the fastball, but can mix in a good curve and change up as well.

Jesse Chavez has been around for a while, with stints as a reliever in Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Kansas City before being picked up by the Blue Jays. So far in 2012, he has five innings in The Show in which he surrendered four hits – one of them a home run – earned three runs but struck out seven. This will be his first-ever Major League start. He has a career record of 6-10 in the Majors, with a career record of 0-2 and an Earned Run Average of 14.29 against Milwaukee.

Edge goes to Thornburg by default of the numbers.


Milwaukee Brewers

RF Norichika Aoki (.284)

CF Carlos Gomez (.266)

LF Ryan Braun (.314)

3B Aramis Ramirez (.262)

1B Corey Hart (.251)

2B Rickie Weeks (.183)

C Martin Maldonado (.226)

SS Edwin Maysonet (.232)

RHP Tyler Thornburg (.000)

A very young 7,8,9 for Milwaukee tonight with plenty of speed on the bases. Braun, Hart, and Weeks combine for 12 RBI’s lifetime against Chavez.

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (.288)

CF Colby Rasmus (.256)

RF Jose Bautista (.231)

1B Edwin Encarnacion (.277)

2B Kelly Johnson (.257)

SS Yunel Escobar (.247)

LF Rajai Davis (.265)

C JP Arencibia (.215)

RHP Jesse Chavez (.000)

The Jays have power coming out of theirs ears in this lineup, which could spell disaster for the young Thornburg if he forgot to pack his A Game on his way out of Huntsville. The real test for Thornburg will be to measure his restraint against his nerves. A better way to pose it would be this: Will hepush too hard to impress his waiting public? Meanwhile former Brewer top prospect Brett Lawrie looks to continue his break out year, and to continue battering Milwaukee. Lawrie went 2-5 last night with a home run and three runs scored.

6:10 PM – 1 hour to Game Time

Fun fact: if you have DirecTV, you don’t really have FSWisconsin – you have a floating logo with soft rock hits until they decide they can kick over to programming. I think The Band Perry is playing, which reminds me that Country USA has invaded Oshkosh and made my life miserable for the next week or so.

Anyways, Ryan Braun is on a 13 game hitting streak going into tonight. In that time, he has five home runs and 14 RBI’s. Ramirez is also hitting well – reaching base on a hit in eight out of ten games.

6:18 PM – 52 Minutes to Game Time

Please, please, please get here soon Brewers Live, if I have to hear another Ke$ha song I’m going to blow my brains out.

6:32 PM – 38 Minutes (?) to Game Time

This marks the first time in history I have been happy to hear Davey Nelson’s ridiculous talking points.

6:39 PM – 31 Minutes to Game Time

Drew Olson and Davey Nelson agree that a sweaty Thornburg is a good Thornburg. Thank god it’s sticky and like 1000 degrees outside. Also weird.

Ron Roenicke said that when “Thornburg can relax and let his good stuff go, he’s got really good stuff” or something equally bewildering. Sometimes, I think he just starts talking without knowing where we’re all going to end up.

6:40 PM – 30 Minutes to Game Time

Of course Rock is out by the grill. Of course he is. Also, a 24 inch, 1 pound hot dog. EVERYONE IS EMASCULATED.

6:42 PM – 28 Minutes to Game Time

So many dirty jokes about that enormous hot dog, including Rock and Craig eating it Lady and the Tramp  style. What a weird start.

6:48  – 22 Minutes to Game Time

Did they have to have Coshun and Rock face the sun? Also – ROCK HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT! I cannot wait to have him throw out some tweets. @Brewersfancamp if you’re interested.

They have talked so little about baseball tonight, and so much about beer, fantasy camp, and sausages.

6:53 – 17 Minutes to Game Time

Braun is only 25,000 votes behind? *Creates 1,000 e-mail accounts*

Also congratulations to John Axford, who just had his second baby boy today. Well, he didn’t. But his wife did. He helped. You get the idea.

7:00 PM – 10 Minutes to Game Time

Please stop telling me that Tyler Thornburg is 23. It reminds me how little I’m doing with my life.

7:07 PM – 3 Minutes to Game Time

How much is Rickie struggling? He’s hitting .500 over the last 7 games, and is still below .200 on the year. Here’s hoping for another big night from him.

Top 1st, No Outs – Welcome to The Show Thornburg. First pitch is a ball against former Brewer prospect Brett Lawrie. Second pitch is a single to right field. One on, no outs.

Colby Rasmus down two strikes to Thornburg, one of them a big blast that just hooks foul in right field. Rasmus puts a hot shot back to Thornburg, 1-6-3 double play and a nice little start for the prospect. Nobody on, two outs

Mid 1st – Bautista pops up to Rickie Weeks, and Thornburg gets an easy start to his Major League career. Blue Jays 0, Brewers 0.

Bottom 1st – Aoki takes a strike to lead off against Chavez. His second strike hits him in the gut off a foul tip and Chavez works very fast. Aoki’s third strike swinging. One out, no one on.

Bottom 1st, One Out – Gomez being patient in the second spot. Otherwise known as the opposite of Carlos Gomez. Chavez strikes out his second batter in Gomez. Two out, no one on for Braun.

Bottom 1st, Two Outs – Chavez is working the outside corners on Braun almost exclusively. Braun puts one past the shortstop. Streak extended to 14 games – Ramy up for the Crew. One on, two outs.

End 1st – Ramirez couldn’t have outrun that if he was 100% – maybe if he was a few years younger though. Brauny extends his streak but it was all Chavez besides that. Brewers 0, Blue Jays 0.

Top 2nd – In case you didn’t hear – Thornburg is starting tonight. FSWisconsin wants to remind you. On a side note, Thornburg has wicked movement on his fastball as Encarnacion flies out to Aoki. One out.

Top 2nd, Two Outs – Aoki had a small seizure as he catches a fast-moving fly ball from Johnson. No on, two outs for Escobar. Thornburg has thrown more pitches to Escobar than the previous three batters.

Mid 2nd – A quick 1-2-3 from Thornburg, but he has had some scary pitches in there – on the positive and negative side. Blue Jays 0, Brewers 0.

Commercial note: For those who think Miller 64 is for manly men who work out – it is my girlfriend’s favorite beer. Have fun with that.

Bottom 2nd – Corey Hart up and this is starting out as a fun little pitching battle. Hart looks at one of the most hittable pitches thrown in the last two years for Chavez’s third punchout. One out, no one on for Rickie Weeks

Bottom 2nd, One out – Rickie Weeks strikeout. Shocked face. Maldonado up with two outs.

Bottom 2nd, Two Outs – Chavez doesn’t look like he’s throwing anything remarkable out there. I have to think the Brewers are just feeling him out.

End 2nd – Nothing doing for the Crew thus far, just one hit through seven batters. A lot will change the second time through as both pitchers only have three pitches to work off of consistently. Blue Jays 0, Brewers 0.

Top 3rd – Nice of Doug Melvin to wear his finest Tommy Bahama shirt to be on TV. Davis is leading off against Thornburg. Tyler Thornburg’s first K against Rajai Davis. REMEMBER THIS FOREVER. One out, no one on.

Top 3rd, One out – Arencibia up for Toronto and quickly dropped 1-2 before a shot in the dirt from Tyler evened it out. Shake the rust off, buddy. Arencibia singles to center field on a ground ball. One on, one out for the pitcher Jesse Chavez.

Chavez just bunted into the seats. Oh, AL pitching trying to hit is my favorite.

Top 3rd, Two Outs – Arencibia advances as Chavez sacrifices himself on a bunt. Everything Thornburg throws has some run on it – I don’t think he knows where it’s going to end up quite yet.

Thornburg’s first home run is given up to Brett Lawrie. Forget this ever happened. Nice battle but Lawrie wins it. Blue Jays 2, Brewers 0.

Mid 3rd – A lazy grounder to Maysonet ends the inning, but the kid gets rocked for his first Major League earned runs – a two-run shot from Brett Lawrie. We’ll see how he grinds it out after this, and whether the Brewers can help to pick him up.

Bottom 3rd – Maysonet is up and Chavez refuses to let off the Brewers so far. Maysonet battles well but pops out to center for the first out. Thronburg up for his first AB of his career.

Fun fact: the Brewer for a day signed today has a delivery that reminds me of Frankie.

Thornburg’s 1st Major League hit is a double. THORNBURG IS A KING AMONG MEN.

Bottom 3rd, One out – Thornburg on second as we round the order for the second time with Aoki up.

Bottom 3rd, Two Outs – Aoki pops up to center for the second out as Gomez steps in. Gomez is swinging for the stratosphere right now. He puts one into the warning track for a double and Thornburg scores his first Major League run. A day of firsts. Brewers 1, Blue Jays 2. Brauny up with one on and two outs.

Visit to the mound is presented by Kwik Trip and delaying my eventual mid-inning bathroom break.

Braun walks on probably the longest AB of the night. Ramy up with two on in a big spot early.

Second visit to the mound as Chavez seems to be slipping away from his command a bit. Which is good for Milwaukee of course. Ramy walks to load the bases as Brewers first baseman and part-time Sasquatch impersonator Corey Hart steps in to the batter’s box.

Broadcast note: There are less than 100 games left, Doug.

Hart takes one for the team and heads to first after getting hit in the shoulder. Gomez scores. Brewers 2, Blue Jays 2 on the lamest of all RBI’s. It’s as good as a hit I guess. Rickie up with bases loaded and two outs.

It will be too late, whenever the Blue Jays get on that bullpen phone. Chavez is neck deep right now. Weeks takes a very close ball four (thanks, umps!) and the Brewers trot in Braun. Brewers 3, Blue Jays 2.

Gameplay note: Anyone in the Milwaukee area need a Major League contract? Blue Jays are in desperate need of pitchers.

Martin Maldonado up to continue the Milwaukee Brewers 1st annual Walk-a-thon. Maldonado takes a stroll, Ramy walks up to the dugout with a run scored. Blue Jays 2, Brewers 4, and Chavez out for Toronto.

Stat Time: Chavez’s line: 2.2 IP, 4 H, 4 K, 4 ER, 5 BB 48 pitches.

Villanueva in to stop the bleeding, or try to anyways against Maysonet. Villenueva barely gets off better than Chavez to start by rocketing a ball at Maysonet’s face.

End 3rd – Maysonet goes around on a ball in the dirt to end a silly little inning that made me feel bad for Chavez. It really shows how quickly Major League batters can adjust, which bodes well for Thornburg who did much better his second time around the Blue Jays line up. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 2.

Top 4th – Bautista is up against Thornburg, who comes in with a lead and what has to be a load of confidence after witnessing Chavez implode here. Bautista flies out to Gomez. One out.

Top 4th, One out – Encarnacion is up for Toronto and quickly evens the count. Maysonet cleans up his grounder for the second out.

Top 4th, Two Outs – Johnson is up for a second chance at Thornburg. He’s doing a good job of keeping balls down in the zone tonight.

Mid 4th – Johnson whiffs on a fastball for Thornburg’s second K of the night. Only 5,712 more for the all-time lead. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 2 on a very good inning in what’s turning out to be a nice debut for Thornburg.

Bottom 4th – Thornburg drops his career average to .500 as Villanueva strikes him out. One out for Aoki.

Bottom 4th, One out – Villanueva has retired three consecutive Brewers as Aoki grounds out to second. Two outs, no one on for CarGo, who is 1-2 tonight.

Bottom 4th, Two Outs – Gomez smacks one about 470 ft just shy of fair territory. Villanueva promptly rings him up for his third K of the night. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 2 on a quiet inning as the Blue Jays try to settle the dust from a rocky 3rd inning.

End 4th – It’s going to be important to monitor how many pitches Thornburg has from now on. I know he’s probably one-and-done as a Big Leaguer for the time being, but they still don’t want to run up a count on him.

Broadcast Note: Chadwick’s of Appleton is the Tavern of the Game. It’s OK, but if you’re in the A-Town I suggest Olde Town Tavern or Jim’s Place. Just Sayin’.

Top 5th – Escobar is up against Thornburg for his second chance to get a hit. Also the Brewers love Thornburg’s “swagger”. He uses it to induce a ground-ball out for his fifth consecutive Blue Jay retired. One out, none on.

Top 5th, Two Outs – Thornburg works faster than I can type and Davis drops to 0-2 on a pop up to shallow center. Arencibia up. Thornburg is in another battle here. Let’s hope he gets a better result than the last one. It’s not – Ground-Rule Double for Arencibia. One on, two out for Villanueva.

Did Villanueva just kick into the strike zone? Is that legal? What is going on? Did you see his swing?

Mid 5th – Thornburg gives up a hit, but little else to the Blue Jays as they struggle to get a decent handle on the rookie. Braun will lead off to add insurance and put it over the top. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 2.

Stat Time: According to MLB Gameday, Thornburg has thrown 75 pitches through 5, 45 for strikes, and has accumulated a Nasty Factor of 62. If anyone can explain what a Nasty Factor is, please do so in the comments.

Bottom 5th – Braun is up, 1-1 tonight with a walk. Good hit by Braun, but a better catch by Johnson who puts him out with a throw to first. One out, no one on for Ramirez.

Bottom 5th, One Out – Villanueva playing Ramy safe so far.

Broadcast Note: Rock refers to it as “the Twitter.” I love this so much. Can’t wait for Schroeder tweeting after-games from the bar.

Concession Note: I must have that enormous dog – but I find pretzel buns to be flavor hogs. I will eat it though, and it will ruin my day.

Ramirez walks for the second time today. Corey Hart up with one on and one out. High fly ball from Hart, I don’t think it’s got the distance. Two out for Rickie Weeks.

Bottom 5th, Two Outs – Rickie is up for another shot here. 0-1 with an RBI on a walk. Rickie puts a good hit out to Left-center for a single. Maldonado is up with two on and two out.

No reason to swing there, but he did anyways. What a rebel. 0-1 to Maldonado.

End 5th – Villanueva gets his fourth K against his former team as Maldonado watches an outside curve to end the inning. The bats came alive a bit, but no one really wants to take the game over so far. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 2.

Top 6th – Thornburg and Lawrie are facing off again. Lawrie is 2-2 thus far against him with a home run and a single. Should be 1-2 on that third pitch, I think. Lawrie flies out to a perfectly played hit by Gomez. One out.

Discussion question: Who would you rather have – Lawrie or Marcum?

Top 6th, One out – Rasmus goes big fly on Thornburg to Right Field. Blue Jays 3, Brewers 4. Inside changeup was left a little bit too high.

Bautista hits a big one to right about four pitches later to tie the game. Makes you wonder about all those wasted men on base for Milwaukee. Blue Jays 4, Brewers 4 on back-to-back jacks. Kranitz is out and no one is up in the bullpen.

Three consecutive jacks for the Jays – this one is a monster by Encarnacion and you have to wonder what Roenicke’s plan is now. Thornburg looks tired, and pissed. And he’s out of the game. Brewers 4, Blue Jays 5.

Stat Time: Thornburg’s Line: 5.1 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 2 K, 4 HR

Tim Dillard will come in for the Crew to try and calm things down. Thornburg is on the hook for the loss now.

Of course Johnson barely gets wood on it and grounds out to short. Two Outs.

Top 6th, Two Outs – Dillard will face down Escobar now, who is 0-2 tonight. Make that 1-3, Escobar drops one over the mound and Maysonet can’t make the throw. One on, Two out for Davis.

Davis walks after refusing to chase some low pitches. Two on, two outs for Arencibia.

Arencibia is 3-3 tonight after he gets an RBI single. Escobar scores. Davis to third. Cooper to pinch hit. Colin is beginning to lose his mind. Blue Jays 6, Brewers 4. Two outs.

Mid 6th – Thornburg calls it a night in a very nasty way – a headline making three consecutive shots to the stands. He went a tad too long in my opinion, but despite 4 real bad mistakes I thought he did well. Dillard got out of a jam just in time to give the Brewers a chance to come back quickly. Blue Jays 6, Brewers 4. Things are getting dicey.

Bottom 6th – Maysonet leading off. He’s 0-2 with a K and quickly down 0-2 to Robert Coello. Maysonet bloops his first hit of the night over the first baseman’s head. Nice adjustment inside. One on, no outs for Tony Plush.

Morgan fouls two quick pitches back – one of them was a bunt. Work out those Plushdamentals, man. Just as I type that, Morgan knocks a double and Maysonet gets to third for Aoki. Two on, no outs.

Coello gets a chat from Toronto’s pitching coach after Morgan slaps one down the left field line.

Aoki fans for the second time tonight. He’s 0-4, rare for him. One out, Two on for Gomez.

Bottom 6th, One Out – Gomez looking at a hitters count with the tying run at second. He walks for the bases loaded – and Braun is up. Farrell is calling it for Coello, who gets through .1 inning pitched.

Game Note: Who says Milwaukee has bullpen issues? Have you seen Toronto this series? This is their fourth pitcher coming tonight. They used five last night. Makes you feel confident, don’t it?

Jason Frasor is the new pitcher. He faces Braun, with bases loaded.

That last pitch should’ve just been called “Gone.” That’s what it usually is for Braun.

ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod. *foul ball* *faints*

Brauny walks. Again. Brewers score. Again. Did I say this was going to get weird? Brewers 5, Blue Jays 6 for Ramirez.

Never a question about that one, folks. Ramirez pounds it for his 9th home run of the year. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 6. A no-decision for Thornburg now. It was Ramy’s 10th Grand Slam.

Bottom 6th, Two Outs – Play continues as usual as Corey Hart strikes out. Rickie up now.

Home Run Note: I’m guessing it’s in the low 400’s in distance. Waiting on the official distance.

End 6th – Rickie Weeks gets another strikeout, and the inning ends. This game is absolutely bananas, folks. It’s like watching a middle school kickball game. The Brewers load the bases thanks to walks again, then score on a walk again – then Ramy lets everyone know why we got him in the first place with a monster grand slam. Just plain weird today. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 6 with Manny Parra up to pitch.

Top 7th – Brett Lawrie is up, this time facing Manny Parra.

Stat Time: Dillard is in line for the win. .2 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB

Aoki plays a hard Lawrie fly ball perfectly for the first out.

Top 7th, One out – Rasmus is up, he started the end of Thornburg’s night in his last AB.

Top 7th, Two Outs – Rasmus hits a lazy fly ball to center field, and Parra is working through well. Bautista up now with two outs.

Well, I spoke too soon. Parra walks Bautista by hitting everything but the strike zone (ed. note: obviously, how else do you walk someone?). One on, two out for Encarnacion.

That’s six straight balls for Parra before Encarnacion fouls one off his shin. I guess 17 is the top of Parra’s pitch count.

Weirdness continues – here’s the recap: Encarnacion hits a liner to left. Braun tosses it to third to try to put out Bautista. The throw is uncharacteristically awful. Ramy gets plugged in the shoulder by it. it passes. Parra chases it comically around the backstop. Bautista scores. Blue Jays 7, Brewers 9.


Parra strikes out Johnson on a wild pitch. The pitch bounces into the stand. Encarnacion to third. Johnson to first. Blue Jays get four outs this inning.

*Pounds fist on couch*

*Has coronary*

Two on, two outs for Escobar.


Escobar puts in a single to left field, and Encarnacion scores. Blue Jays 8, Brewers 9. Never a dull moment in Miller Park on an inning that should be over. Davis up with two on and two out.

Another wild pitch for Parra. Another small heart attack. Runners advance.

Manny Parra might as well be blindfolded. He’s like Nuke in the beginning of Bull Durham. Outrageous stuff going on right now.

Mid 7th – Stretch ’em out folks. Parra goes apesh-t mid-inning and nearly gives up the lead. He finishes with a beautiful strike out pitch on Davis. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 8. Colin crazy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Bottom 7th, One Out – Fransisco Cordero is up for the 7th innning to pitch for the Blue Jays. He quickly puts out Maldonado for the first out. Maysonet up now.

Taylor Green is set to pinch hit this inning, Maysonet hits a single up the middle. One on, no outs for Green as Milwaukee leads off with a hit for two consecutive innings.

Ok, so this is weird: it turns out Taylor Green was lying, Kottaras pinch hit instead. He hits a double that pops in and out Rasmus’s glove near the wall and Maysonet gets to third.

I have lost all frame of reference for how normal baseball is played.

Two on for Aoki, he bounces out for the second out. 0-5 for just a dash more oddity.

End 7th – Brewers strand two as Gomez pops out. I can’t say anything more about this game at this point. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 8.

Top 8th – Frankie is in for his usual 8th inning deal. He faces Arencibia to lead off. Maldonado is playing some poor defense behind the plate tonight. Not like him. Beautiful K from Frankie for the first out. Arencibia respectfully disagrees with the umpire’s call. One out, no one on for Omar Vizquel.

He’s like 100 years old. He’s played for 24 years. I’m 25.

Top 8th, Two Outs – Vizquel hits one to shallow right, and Aoki runs it down really well. Lawrie up again.

Broadcast Note: A fan just shouted “You remind me of a girl!” at Lawrie. Clever.

Mid 8th – Frankie goes 1-2-3 on the Jays, including burning Lawrie on a fastball to end it with his second K. Insurance time for Milwaukee coming up. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 8. It’s nice to have some calmness after everything that’s happening so far.

Bottom 8th – Oliver is Toronto’s sixth pitcher tonight. Braun will lead off. He’s 1-2 with two walks and an RBI.

Bottom 8th, One Out – Braun gets robbed by Johnson on a hot shot to second, Ramirez is up with hopelessly high expectations.

Ramy is out in front of the ball and flies out to center field. Two outs for Hart.

End 8th – Hart strikes out. Again. 0-4, 3 K’s, and an RBI on a walk. Rickie and Hart are ruining this lineup right now. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 8 and papa Axford is coming in for the save.

Top 9th – John Axford looks to capitalize on Frankie’s hold. John Axford’s son Jameson was born today. Axford wants this save real bad I bet. Rasmus up to start the inning.

Beard Note: How does he get it so full? He makes my beard feel bad about itself.

That is a blown save for Axford. Rasmus gets his second home run of the night. Blue Jays 9, Brewers 9. Bautista up with no outs and no on.

Axford can’t find the zone again. He’s slipping away here. Bautista hits his second home run of the night. Blue Jays 10, Brewers 9. Six dingers for Toronto.

WHAT THE F???????

No outs, no on for Encarnacion. There is no way this is a real game. There is no way this is real life.

Top 9th, One Out – Real nasty pitch from Ax to get the first out. Johnson up now.  Johnson grounds one meekly to Weeks for the second out. Of course it would happen this way.

Of. Course.

Mid 9th – I don’t…I can’t…What? Back-to-back homers AGAIN for Rasmus and Bautista give Axford his third blown save in the last five opportunities. In all honesty, it could’ve happened to anyone. Last chance ups for the Crew here. Brewers 9, Blue Jays 10. Weeks to lead off.

Bottom 9th – Cheesy Brian Andersen soliloquy engaged. We have the beginning of the finish of this game. That is, nine innings would be the finish if this were a normal game. I predict 67 innings. Brewers win 36 – 35. Rickie leads off the ninth for now.

Bottom 9th, One Out – Rickie Weeks fans at a pitch in the dirt. He wasn’t swinging, he was trying to uncover the portion that was buried next to the plate. They rung him up anyways. One out for Maldonado.

Bottom 9th, Two Outs – Maldonado is out on a lazy fly ball. Maysonet is out and Ransom is pinch hitting. Last chance here.

Ransom pokes one past the shortstop for a single. Winning run up, represented by Taylor Green. He also represents the last Brewers bench player.

Good eye. Heart attacks all around.

FINAL: Blue Jays 10, Brewers 9. Green hits a grounder to second base. Game.

By The Numbers

WP: Oliver (1-2) 1 IP, 1 K

LP: Axford (1-4) 1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 1 K, BS (4)

SV: Jansen (7) 1 IP, 1 H, 1 K


HR: Lawrie, Bautista (2), Rasmus (2), Encarnacion

RBI: Lawrie (2), Rasmus (2), Bautista (2), Encarnacion, Arencibia, Escobar

LOB: 5


HR: Ramirez (GS)

RBI: Gomez, Hart, Weeks, Braun, Ramirez (4)

LOB: 9

Attendance: 36,334


Well, I don’t think anyone will forget Thornburg’s debut for a long time. It was an interesting game, to say the least. It was back-and-forth for every bit of the nine innings today at Miller Park, but when it came down to it one team got lucky more, and capitalized on more mistakes.

Thornburg made a decent debut, stayed out probably a touch too long. He got his first two strikeouts, his first hit (a double, no less) earned his first five runs and gave up his first four home runs.

From then on, things got way weird. Chavez fell apart, and with another Blue Jay reliever the Brewers were able to get 4 runs in on walks.

It was not enough, however, as Toronto had unbelievable power throughout the game – literally. Rasmus, Bautista, and Encarnacion went back-to-back-to-back in the sixth, and Rasmus and Bautista did it again to close the door in the ninth. It’s hard to say when a game like this will happen again.

That’s a good thing for Milwaukee.

The Brewers are now 0-2 on Live Blog nights. Thanks for reading and the comments.