The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss: The Voting


Well, the time has finally come.  No more guests, or week long waits for new nominees.  The nominees are all in, and per our agreement it is time for the RtB faithful to vote on which two players will be inducted into the inaugural class of “The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss”.

If you just found your way to the ballot box, here is what we have been doing over the past 5 weeks:

"This is a 5 week project, in which 5 select individuals will nominate two former Brewers as candidates for “The Hall”.  At the end of those 5 weeks, RtB will put up a poll in order to induct 2 players in to the first ever class of the “Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss”."

Again, I would like to thank the gentlemen who dedicated their time and talents to research each of these “gifted” players; Colin Bennett, Steve Alstadt, Steve Sievwright, and Justin Hull.  Without them, this dream of mine would have been nothing more than fantasy.  Do yourself a favor and follow each of them on Twitter.  I linked all of their names for you.  If you are a Brewers fan, you have no excuse to not be following these guys. 

Ok, enough foreplay sailors.  Below you will find the list of 10 nominees, and the man responsible for their place on the list.  Make sure you take the time to educate yourself on these gentlemen.  I will attache the articles to each ex-Brewers name, that way you will have a reference point in your voting.

Before we start, I want to thank you our readers for really getting behind this silly idea.  I have heard from all kinds of people and made lots of new friends.  Everything I write and work on is designed for your enjoyment, so it is always nice to hear from our readers.  Thank you for your support.


Jeff Suppan — Nom: Lou Olsen

Guillermo Mota — Nom: Lou Olsen

Eric Gagne — Nom: Colin Bennett

Dave Bush — Nom: Colin Bennett

Glendon Rusch — Nom: Steve Alstadt

Kevin Mench — Nom: Steve Alstadt

Jeffrey Hammonds — Nom: Steve Sievwright

Gary Sheffield — Nom: Steve Sievwright

Ben McDonald — Nom: Justin Hull

Billy Jo Robidoux — Nom: Justin Hull

Now, in order to vote, you must go back to the RtB Home Page and scroll down a bit.  Look to the right side ———————>

There you will see the poll and you are allowed to vote twice, no more and please no less.  You get two votes, so please use them.

Voting will cease on the 5th of July.  At that time, we will crown our inductees.  My hope is that we can reveal the first two class members live, on the RtB podcast (which you should already be listening to).

Happy voting everyone.  Go Brewers!!!!