Free Fan Giveaway!


Hello again, Brewers fans. I had myself a little holiday vacation, but I’m back with really exciting news.

Reviewing the Brew has on official Twitter account now! You can follow it by clinking here, or by pressing the follow button on the right side of the page. It will keep you updated on all the latest news happening on the site, and be far more focused than my personal account – which I still encourage you to follow anyways.

To kick off the new Twitter account, we’re going to be holding a little lottery. I went to the Brewers game on Sunday with the girlfriend, and we ended up with two of the Italian Sausage Bobbleheads. She has little use for such things, so I snatched up one to keep and one to give to you guys.

How do you get it? Easy, just follow us on Twitter at any time in the next seven days, and one of our lucky Tweeple will be announced as the new owner of an Italian Sausage Bobblehead.

Get crackin’, folks, and we look forward to talking to you in 140 characters or less.