Some Former Brewer Hits the Ball Far A Lot


KANSAS CITY – There was apparently some kind of ball hitting competition tonight for the All-Stars Professional Baseball Exhibition on Monday night, and wouldn’t you know it – some nice young man that used to play with Milwaukee’s Professional Baseball Club hit the ball far more than any of the other young men competing.

It was delightful.

From what the staff at Reviewing the Brew could ascertain, the young man’s name is Prince Fielder. We double checked, and it turns out that it isn’t a nickname.

Strange names aside, Prince was very effective in the later rounds of the contest, which we understood to entail hitting the ball out of the field of play more times than you hit it inside the field of play. This is known as a home run. In this “Derby,” of sorts, Prince Fielder managed to get into the later rounds of competition with only five of these home runs.

That did not seem like a lot, and some baseball fans on the Twitter seemed to think that this proves Prince Fielder did not belong in said derby, and some other young gentlemen should have been there in his place. We think it made Prince mad, because in the next round he hit a lot more home runs than anyone else.

This Prince Fielder character ended up with 16 home runs to get into the final round, where he faced another man who is really good at hitting ball the far by the name of Jose Bautista. He plays baseball in Canada (We think that’s why they call it the World Series). Jose hit seven home runs in the final round, which seems rather impressive when you think that he had been hitting home runs all night and that probably made his arms tired.

But Prince Fielder hit 12 balls into the stands – five more than Jose Bautista – and then he won. He got a trophy and everything. State Farm insurance gave him a check for $667,000 made out to “The Community.” At first we thought that maybe that was his nickname, but it turns out the whole thing was for charity and we thought that was really neat.

Anyways, Prince Fielder is your official 2012 All-Stars Home Run Hitting The Ball Really Far Guy, and we couldn’t be happier that it appears he one time played in Milwaukee, according to our official sources.

I wonder why he left?