Chattin’ About Zack With Halo Hangout


We’re quite a ways removed from the now-infamous deal with the Angels that sent 2009 Cy Young winner Zack Greinke to the City of Angels (or one of its suburbs, at any rate) in return for three top-tier prospects.

But let’s be honest with each other – we’re still not over it. I wanted to know a little bit more about how the Angels fans felt about the deal. And who has their finger on the pulse of Angels Nation better than the staff of Halo Hangout, our own Fansided Angels blog?

NO ONE, that’s who.

Editor MJ Llyod was kind enough to help me on my path to closure.

Reviewing the Brew: Prior to the trade, did you think the Angels really had a shot at getting Greinke?

Halo Hangout: Believe it or not, I sent a text to the guys I do the Baseball Show podcast with saying that I bet the Angels would get Greinke or Liriano a after the Hanley Ramirez trade. It was off the cuff but I guess I thought there was an obvious fit. Jerry Dipoto has made a habit of making some big moves somewhat under the radar.

RtB: Tell us something we might not know about the prospects coming our way.

HH: Jean Segura is the blue chip prospect in the deal. When not dealing with injuries, he plays a capable shortstop and good second base. Johnny Hellweg is the guy I think a lot of Angels fans were excited about coming into the season. He’s a 6’9 power righty who can hit 99 mph. The strikeout rate is a down this year, though, and he doesn’t have great secondary stuff yet. He could end up being a number two starter or a reliever.

RtB: Do you think the Angels will be able to lock up Greinke in the offseason?

HH: I was kind of surprised the Angels didn’t get a window to negotiate with the Greinke camp to work on an extension. They did give up three top prospects. I don’t underestimate Dipoto and Arte Moreno has deep pockets. The rumblings indicate Dipoto thinks he can re-sign him. With Dan Haren struggling and having back problems plus Ervin Santana looking lost, there’s no guarantee the Halos will pick up their options.

RtB: Does Greinke put the Halos over the top in the AL West now?

HH: Adding Greinke to Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson certainly gives the Angels a better rotation than Texas even if Garrett Richards is pitching fifth instead of Santana. Of course, in my own stalker-ish opinion, it’s Mike Trout that puts the Angels over the top.

RtB: Two or three years from now, who do you think benefits more from this deal?

HH: I think the Brewers do. Even if the Angels extend or re-sign Greinke, that wasn’t part of the trade.

Segura could be an everyday short stop, Hellweg could be a frontline starter and Ariel Pena could be a starter or an impact reliever. But I included a lot of “coulds” in there and flags do fly forever if Greinke helps take the Angels to a World Series.

RtB: Do you think the price, in terms of what the Angels had to give up, was fair for both sides?

HH: The Angels gave up three of their top 10 prospects according to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus. Segura was second behind Trout, Hellweg third and Pena tenth. That is a big package. All three have questions surrounding them, though. My gut reaction was the Angels gave up too much. But this could be one of those win-win trades if the Angels win the West.

We want to thank Halo Hangout for hanging out with us (get it?) and answering these questions in our time of need. Be sure to check them out, if only to stare at the stoic visage of Zack Greinke and think of what might have been.