Happy Cardinals Unappreciation Week


Nyjer Morgan may not be barking at Chris Carpenter, Tony LaRussa may not be complaining about the lights (I have another word in mind to use there and it rhymes with stitching), the National League pennant may not be on the line, but this weekend is Brewers-Cardinals. And it’s on.

I normally don’t offer editorial and opinionated pieces, but I’ll take up this space to flat out say I can’t stand losing to St. Louis and to

extend to Brewers fans a Happy Cardinals Unappreciation Week.

With the Brewers needing a 1951 New York Giants-like comeback to make the postseason, so these three games at Busch Stadium over the weekend may not have October implications, but that doesn’t make beating the Cardinals feel any less sweet or make losing less heart-wrenching. And with Yovani Gallardo not pitching in the series, the Brewers aren’t automatically destined to lose at least one game because he, well, forgets how to pitch when he sees red.

Let’s face it: the Brewers are going to lose multiple times over the remainder of the season. But let’s save those bad games for the Reds or Pirates or anybody not named the Cardinals.