NotBrew: If the Brewers Had Drafted Mike Trout…


Imagine this: rookie phenom, leading American League MVP candidate, and second-most interesting man in the world Mike Trout roaming center field at Miller Park. And, as if this 2012 season hasn’t been tough enough on us Brewers fans, what you have yet to read may possibly make matters worse.

In the 2009 MLB Amateur Draft, Mike Trout went with the 25th pick to the Los Angeles Angels. The Brewers had the 26th pick.

Would Mike Trout have gone to the Brewers?

“That’s a good question,” Brewers scouting director Bruce Seid told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel . “We had him rated high as an impact player with tools. Our policy is not to talk about where we had players rated on our board, but he certainly was ranked high.”

Four years in the minors, a 8-19 record, and a 5.34 era later, the Brewers’ selection of pitcher Eric Arnett doesn’t look so hot.

So now that we’re all sad that Mike Trout was one pick away from being a Brewer, let’s speculate what all would happen if the Angels had passed on @Trouty20 and (trusting Milwaukee’s front office judgement) he ended up with the Brew Crew.

The Mike Trout Effect would have made Prince Fielder want to stay in Milwaukee. 

Prince Fielder doesn’t feel the need for that hairstyle he’s (not) rocking in Detroit.

Doug Melvin never would have traded for Nyjer Morgan for additional depth in center field, so 2011 wasn’t as fun and Plush never walked off to win the NLDS. (But it’s okay, because Jerry Hairston Jr hit the game-winning single to advance to the NLCS.)

The Brewers have arguably the two best outfielders in the game manning left and center field. And Corey Hart in right field rounds out the best outfield since Zach Miller and I manned the prairie at Fairy Chasm Park during our Little League days. 

The lineup looks like this: 

1. Trout 2. Weeks 3. Braun 4. Fielder 5. Ramirez 6. Hart 7. Lucroy 8. Honus Wagner. That would be 133 homers from the top six hitters in the lineup alone. 

Babe Ruth comes out of retirement to join in on the fun, Ron Roenicke still thinks bunting is a good idea. 

Bud Selig cancels the postseason, declaring the Brewers World Series champions. 

Zack Greinke smiles for the first time all season. 

Trout wears the number 22 because the Brewers retire Scott Podsednik’s 20 jersey, prompting a rage from Jonathan Lucroy. 

Brewers Media Relations director Mike Vassallo creates a new stat just for Trout: Boss Percentage. 

Friday Fish Fry will never, ever be the same again after Trout’s arrival. 

The rally banana becomes the rally trout. Mayor Tom Barrett declares August 7 Dress Like a Trout Day…and everybody dresses like a trout. 

The bullpen still blows 20 games because not even Mike Trout has that kind of effect on a team.