NotBrew: Happy Anniversaries to Ryan Braun’s Faceplant; Bob Webb and CC


Even in the midst of a pennant race and playing against the despised Cardinals, Ryan Braun’s faceplant was still flippin’ hilarious to Brewers fans. Braun was on his way to an easy inside-the-parker when, I swear, Tony LaRussa’s minions dug a pothole just past third base. Instead of 34 homers last season, he only had 33. To celebrate, here’s a GIF of Ryan’s faceplant and meeting with the dirt.

I blame LaRussa. (H/T-Gifulmination)

Also, August 31 is a day that lives in Brewers infamy and not just for Braun’s imbalance.

On a Sunday afternoon against at PNC Park, CC Sabathia threw a no-hitter against the Pirates. Except official scorer Bob Webb ruled what should have been a clear error on Sabathia a hit. He attempted to barehand a slow roller off the bat of Andy LaRoche, but bobbled, and it was ruled a hit. He went on to throw a one-hitter in the MLB record books, but even Pirates fans in attendance were chanting for a no-hitter…during the game itself. (The Brewers appealed the ruling, but to no avail. It stands as a one-hitter.)

To this day, Bob Webb has not been forgiven and may well be the only official scorer whose name fans will actually remember.