NotBrew: Wait, Prince Isn’t on the Brewers Anymore?


School started back up on Tuesday. Joy of joys. As unenthusiastic as I would normally be about this, I only have to go through zero more first days of high school. Senior status!

But enough of my ramblings about legally-mandated education and on to one of the highlights from my first days of this legally-mandated education year.

I spotted one of the freshman and, as a designated mentor for this year’s frosh, I had to strike up conversation. He was wearing a Brewers shirt with the number 28 of Prince Fielder on the back.

“You miss Prince?”

“Huh? Miss him?”

“Yeah. I wish he was still hitting 450-foot bombs for us.”

“He isn’t??”

“No…he’s in Detroit dude.”

“Prince isn’t on the Brewers?!?!”

Guys, if you haven’t heard yet, Prince Fielder is no longer on the Brewers. This is my public service announcement for the day.