The Last Time the Brewers Were .500….


A Rickie Weeks home run, a Marco Estrada gem, and a 5-0 victory over Atlanta for their 17th win in 22 games were “all”  that the Brewers needed to break their record at an even .500 (71-71).

And up until these last three-plus weeks, the 2012 season was headed seemingly nowhere. The hitting wasn’t consistent enough to get

Randy Wolf was the starter for the Brewers on April 24. Image: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

hot, injuries had depleted the rotation, and the bullpen was an absolute disaster. How poor had their season been going? Well, the Brewers have reached .500 for the first time since they sat at 9-9 on April 24.

How different are things now than they were on that Tuesday night? Let’s take a look.

Randy Wolf picked up his first win of the season. He finished 3-10 and is now with the Orioles. 

Ryan Braun went 0-5. Related: Pigs flew. 

Astros reliever Fernando Rodriguez gave up a run, but entered the game 0-1 with a 3.68 era. He’s now 1-10 with a 5.74 era. 

The ‘Stros lineup read: Schafer 8, Lowrie 6, Martinez 7, Lee 3, Bogusevic 9, Altuve 4, Snyder 2, Gonzalez 5, Norris 1. On Monday, the only one of those players still in the lineup: JD Martinez.

Alex Gonzalez was 3-4 with an RBI. He tore his ACL two weeks later and is out for the year. 


Rickie Weeks was batting .188. Rickie Weeks is now batting .226, thank you.

Bryce Harper was just another 19-year-old in the minors. Now? He’s a 19-year-old phenom with 18 major league bombs.

Mike Trout was still in AAA. Mike Trout is now an AL MVP candidate. 

Corey Hart started in right field. Mat Gamel also tore his ACL and Hart hasn’t played right field since July 21. 

The Indians were in first place, the Angels 6-11, and Oakland 9-10. The Indians are 59-83, Los Angeles is 77-64, and Oakland 20 games above .500 and in Wild Card position. 

Brad Mills was manager of the Astros. Brad Mills is no longer manager of the Astros. 

Carlos Gomez hit a pinch hit homer, his first of the season. Go-Go has a career-high 16 homers and has a chance at a 20-30 season. 

Robert Griffin III had yet to be drafted into the NFL. Now he made arguably the most impressive debut in NFL history. 

Roger Clemens was still presumed by most to be guilty of PED use. Now he’s acquitted and threatening a return to the Astros…

Brett Favre was retired. Brett Favre is retired. Wait, seriously??