Ryan Braun hits his 200th home run


So it was really only a matter of time until this happened right? Ryan Braun has been on absolute tear this year and last year’s MVP season was only an indication that his future years to come would be incredible. Let me say that this is by no means an article based on “is he clean?” For the last time, Braun is clean. I shall not and will not delve any farther into that. He’s an incredible power hitter that never said die this season and is a huge factor as to why the Milwaukee Brewers eventually woke up. Complementing Braun in the line-up was a task thought to be impossible, unless you were Prince Fielder. Alas, Aramis Ramirez proved everyone wrong. This duo is one of the deadliest in the MLB. I don’t say that just because I’m a Brewers’ fan (okay, maybe a little), but because it’s true. The production out of both Braun and A-Ram has been incredible and now Braun has established his career even farther as he hit his 200th and 201st home runs in yesterday’s win over the New York Mets

Ryan Braun’s career has just been impressive from the get-go. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

Perhaps the only person standing in Braun’s way of repeating for the MVP title is Andrew McCutchen. Braun’s 2012 has had eerie similar numbers to 2011 and there’s no reason to dismiss his name from the MVP talk. He’s been the face of the word ‘consistency’ and really, that’s something that isn’t arguable.

Braun’s 200th home run yesterday signifies that this is not a broken man despite the offseason. He was and still is out there to prove his critics wrong. His 103 RBIs on the year are also more than likely going to surpass 2011’s total of 111. So tell me, how does this man still seem to fly under the MLB radar despite winning a MVP award? Maybe that’s just me, but whenever you listen to ESPN or any other sports station, you never hear of the Brewers, let alone Braun.

Is it because the Brewers’ 2012 campaign was rocky for the most part? Is that the excuse used to overshadow Braun’s name from the media? People chastise him. You hear it in the boos when the Brewers are on the road and they’re more intensified then ever before.

So, congratulations to you Ryan Braun on that 200th home run and even your 201st. That is an accomplishment in my mind that should not be just swept under the rug. Braun is only 28 and with the power he has, I’d expect and hope that he has a long, fulfilling career and will one day be recognized as one of the greats in decades to come.