Winter Meetings Day 2: As the Rumors Churn


Well, the sun set on the second day of the Winter Meetings in Nashville.

Once again, there is little to actually report from the Milwaukee Brewers camp.

But, some ground has been made in checking off that wish list for Milwaukee’s 40-man roster.  Again, it’s nothing more than an exchanging of words at this point, but let’s face it: that’s kind of the whole point of the off-season.

Persons of Interest

Milwaukee may end up being a front runner for Ryan Dempster by the end of the Meetings (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

Ryan Dempster – The oft-discussed starter is still in Milwaukee’s eye according to several sources including Fox Sports and MLB Trade Rumors. While Dempster’s agent, Craig Landis, is still reportedly seeking a three-year (or longer) deal, the two sides met for a discussion today.

On a side note: the price range for Dempster seems to be around $13 million per year, which may be enough to keep the Brewers an outsider.

Jason Grilli – Brewers officials, including Ron Roenicke, have made their intentions clear about the 36 year-old reliever. Unfortunately, no further ground has been made on any deals. Grilli made $1.1 million last year, so it’s doubtful that if anything is in fact on the table that the two sides are that far off.

R.A. Dickey – Nothing major to report here. According to the Journal-Sentinel, Doug Melvin and Mets representives had a short discussion about the Cy Young Winning knuckleballer, but he said that it was obvious early on they wouldn’t make a fit.

I don’t want to speculate as to who was offered up – it’s highly possible that Milwaukee never brought a name to the table – but I’m guessing any names brought to the table would include Mat Gamel, Corey Hart, Martin Maldonado, or pitching prospects.

Again – NO ACTUAL DEAL WAS DISCUSSED. It’s unlikely the sides will meet again on the matter.

Rumored Odds and Ends

Doug Melvin had a morning coffee date with Corey Hart’s agent. Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel asked what was up with that, and Melvin assured that the two were just friends. Not at all discussing Hart’s possible extension beyond 2013 OR the possibility of moving the veteran.

From what the Journal-Sentinel staff has said many a time, Melvin deals with contract extensions in the spring.

What to Expect Today

Grilli is not hanging around forever. If the rumored deal is in fact in place, expect Milwaukee to ramp things up.

A trade is very, very unlikely to happen so take any rumor that way involving the Brewers with a hefty side of salt.

If something is going to happen with Demspter, more progress is likely to be made today as well.

No one will stop talking about Milwaukee’s interest in Josh Hamilton, so take it just as it is – interest, nothing more. The Rangers are squarely in the lead to re-sign him, and a few more teams with a lot more cash are gunning for him as well.

We’ll keep you updated today as much as we can.