Milwaukee Brewers Best of 2012: Offensive Season


The best Brewers moments of 2012 continue as we approach the best offensive season of the team.

Let’s be honest – there’s really not a whole lot of mystery here. Let’s suspend with the introductions and get on with the show.

Ryan Braun

Oh look – Ryan Braun is celebrating. Probably because he was picked for our Best offensive season in 2012. (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)

This one is about as obvious as it could possibly get. Nobody in the Milwaukee Brewers organization – and few people in Major League Baseball – had the type of season that Ryan Braun put up.

Milwaukee’s left fielder led all of the National League with 108 runs, 41 home runs, 356 total bases, and an OPS of .987. He also led the Brew Crew in hits, runs, On-Base Percentage, and slugging percentage. Basically anything that needed to be done for the Milwaukee Brewers, Ryan Braun was the man to do it.

He didn’t get the MVP award, of course – and that is certainly the matter for another article (which will never come from me) – but hopefully the distinction of owning Reviewing the Brew‘s Offense Season Best of 2012 Award will get him through the off-season.

Runner-up: Aramis Ramirez

Oh, poor Ramy, Milwaukee’s resident victim of circumstance.

Aramis Ramirez might be one of the best hitters in the National League in 2012. And he hits behind another one. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

He comes to Milwaukee, and all he does is hit .300, knock 27 homers, score 108 runs and hit a league-leading 50 doubles – and barely anyone outside of Wisconsin took notice of him. He had himself one of the best seasons of his career, despite the fact that he was pretty publicly playing second fiddle to the reigning National League MVP.

Not that we’d ever wish for such a thing, of course, but if Ryan Braun weren’t on the Brewers Aramis Ramirez would be the guy in Milwaukee without question. Not that it would be a shock to anyone, of course.

Ramy has been pouring on hits and power for his entire career, and he is enjoying a revival in the Cream City at a time when the Milwaukee Brewers are having a love affair with offense. Aramis Ramirez is a big part of that love affair – and a huge part of any success that the Milwaukee Brewers had in 2012.

I guess he’ll just have to live with second place for a little while longer.

So that’s our picks for Best Offensive Season of 2012. Go ahead, tell us we’re wrong.