Brewers Unveil New Spring Training, Batting Practice Look


This one is going to be pretty short and sweet – we just like testing the waters with our readers and see how they feel about some of the goings on in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. I mean, as much as we like shouting into the ether, it’s so much more to get a shout back.

Last week, the team brought forward a change to their look going into Cactus League play. Follow the jump to check out the new Spring Training and Batting Practice looks for 2013.   If you’ve done any time on the internet as a sports fan, you’ve surely come across Chris Creamer’s – by far and away the greatest place to waste your entire life.

Besides here of course. Regardless, a few days ago the site uploaded some new work – New Era and Major League Baseball have begun to roll out a completely new look for 2013 – at least for Spring Training and Batting Practice.

Here’s how the Brewers will look for 2013:

So…how do we look?

A quick caveat here: the cap on the right is technically an ‘alternate’ and not the ‘road’ designation it’s given here. Word is that the team will wear them for BP on days when the retro uniforms come out to play. Either way, I dig the different colors on the front panel, even if they don’t match up with the jerseys per se.

Personally I think the hat would work better if the uniforms were white or the striping were white. Just my opinion, though.

So what do you think? Will you be buying the new BP caps? Do you have a better direction?

Let us know, and in the mean time you can dream of seeing these uniforms on the field again in just a few short months.