Happy New Year!!!

Ryan Braun is a god amongst mortals. Photo: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports
Ryan Braun is a god amongst mortals. Photo: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports /

Hello everyone,

Earlier today I posted on a very serious topic.  Initially, I had planned on something a little nicer, with more of a comedic tone.  Then I was side tracked.  After reading what I wrote this morning and then re-reading what I originally intended on posting…I have decided to just take a moment and reflect.  If I were to have a New Years resolution, it would be to take more time to simply enjoy…

2012 was an interesting year for me personally.  Here are a few things that I want to remember about this year.  Most people are not lucky enough to have a living, breathing journal…but I do, so I thought I would put it to good use:

–  In April, I handed over the reigns of this site to Colin Bennett.  Colin has been a spectacular editor and I could not be happier.  He is one of my favorite writers.  Not just in sports, but in general.  I can not wait for him to write a book, simply so that I can own it, read it, and talk to him about it.  It is my honor and privilege to be associated with him.  Plus he is a great friend.  I have been very lucky to have Colin around.  This morning was another great example.  I published this article, and he told me not to worry about it.  Awesome guy. 

– I moved back to Wisconsin from Seattle after 6 years.  This was both surprising and a little terrifying.  When the wife and I made the decision, we really had no idea what we were doing.  Luckily I found a job, and was able to get the internet back (which should explain my absence during the final stretch of the regular season).  On Sunday I was able to go to Miller Park for the first time in 3 years, granted it was winter…but still awesome.  You can see what I did there, in my MLB Fan Cave application video

Ryan Braun had one of the best seasons in Brewers history, and only Brewers fans really noticed.  Thanks to the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, Braun missed out on his 2nd consecutive league MVP.  What Buster Posey did was impressive, but Brauny’s numbers where out of this world.  Anyone who still thought he was on steroids was gagged with a sweaty tube sock, as he had the best season of his career.  By far my favorite part of 2012.

– The Zack Greinke era ended.  This was the 2nd worst thing that happened in my 2012.  Granted, I am really excited about Jean Segura.  Greinke was the 3rd Brewer of the past 5 years to leave the team and sign (literally) the highest contract in baseball history.  This flat out sucks.  Greinke’s hurt more, because of what the team did after he was traded.  For those of you wondering what happened, the team got scalding hot and just missed out on the final Wild Card spot.  If they had still had Zack around…who knows what could have happened. 

– Reviewing the Brew reached 1,000 posts.  This was very exciting for me.  When I joined this site, it was at the lowest point it could possibly be.  We were averaging about 5 visits per day, 3 of which were from me.  Now we are one of the most viewed FanSided sites.  For all of the 2011 calendar year, Colin and I were the entire staff.  Now we have a great core of talented writers; Colin, Benjamin, and Curt.  I take great pride in what we have all accomplished together.  We should hit 2,000 posts late in 2013 (no evidence to support that claim).

My two boys. Walter is the golden one. Murray is the one looking right into the camera. Miss you Murray.
My two boys. Walter is the golden one. Murray is the one looking right into the camera. Miss you Murray. /

– My puppy Murray died.  I won’t take too much time on this, because it still hurts.  Just want everyone to know that we lost a spectacular Brewers fan.  My wife and I adopted him in May and he took to watching baseball with me right away.  In October, he died due to an undiagnosed muscular disease.  October was a challenging month.  No job, no Internet, no RtB, and then losing my dog.  This made me thankful for what I have and made me realize that you can never take anything for granted.  

– Now for some happier stuff.  I am very thankful for my buddy Shawn at The Hall of Very Good.  Thanks to Shawn, I have been on radio shows, guest written for his blog, and upcoming in January I will be attending a SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) meeting as a Brewers expert.  Shawn and I are kindred spirits.  We are men who truly appreciate the beauty of a mustache.  And even though I may have put the John Axford Mustache Facts to rest, Shawn gives me opportunities to write in that format every few months.  Here is the link to some of those.  Thanks Shawn.

Ok, you have all heard enough from me for one day.

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year.  I can not wait to provide you with my constant complaints and gripes in 2013.

A special thank you for your support and kind words about the article I published this morning.  I was truly touched by the reaction it received and all of the people who reached out to me from all over the country.  Sometimes I do not give this country enough credit, a mistake I will not be making again.  You made the last day of my 2012 beautiful, when it started so grotesquely.