Milwaukee Brewers Must-Follows of 2013


I have a big feeling that Twitter is going to take off in 2013. I don’t know, call it a hunch, but it seems like everyone is using it these days.

With that in mind, I wanted to provide our readers with a service to stay even more connected with the Milwaukee Brewers. What follows is our far-from-comprehensive list of Brewers tweeters. In reality, they just happen to be our favorite people on Twitter, and help make our free time – or what passes for it in this gig – a little more interesting.

News and Views

Here are some the coolest and most well-informed people we follow. Some are press members, and some are bloggers, but all of them help to spread the best and most interesting information to their followers.

Adam McCalvy (@AdamMcCalvy) – basically the guy everyone who writes about the Brewers wants to be. He’s the official Brewers beat writer and this guy works constantly (or makes it look like it, at least) to give fans all the latest news on the Brew Crew.

The Brewer Nation (@BrewerNation) – always online, and always willing to chat with fans and fellow bloggers, Brewer Nation is the longest-running Brewer Blog on MLB’s affiliate blog site. It’s a fantastic site, and they constantly tweet out interesting news, stats, and opinions.

J.P. Breen (@JP_Breen) – one of the head honchos over at Disciples of Uecker, and he also contributes to FanGraphs. So you know he’s legit. He’s also from Minnesota, but we don’t hold that against him. Mostly because he gives out great tidbits on Twitter, loves talking Baseball and Brewers online, and runs one heck of a site over at DoU. Give him a follow, you won’t be sorry.

Chris Mehring (@CMehring) – Chris is the radio announcer of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, and a damn good baseball mind. He gives a lot of great info on the T-Rats and other minor league teams, and he also loves television and movies. Always a good time.

Ryan Topp (@RyanTopp) – Writer for Disciples of Uecker, statistical wizard and probably one of the most competent Brewers voices in all of Twitter. Definitely worth a follow for all your Brewers news, and Wisconsin Sports information.

 The Players

Not all of them play for the Major League Club, but every one of them is worth a follow.

A tweet from John Axford is a high five for your eyes. And your brain. (Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports)
A tweet from John Axford is a high five for your eyes. And your brain. (Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports) /

John Axford (@JohnAxford) – come on, did you think we’d make a list like this and leave out the best Brewer Tweeter of all time? No way. The Brewers closer is a fantastic follow, loves reaching out to his fans, and posts great pictures, clips, news and info like, all the time. How are you not following him yet?

Carlos Gomez (@C_Gomez27) – I’m going to be honest, I know what he’s saying, like, half the time. But it’s always interesting and sometimes in English. But usually he just posts weird photos when taken without the context of language. Like a few weeks ago he was wearing camo pants and holding dead birds. I assume he’s a hunter, but again, way cooler without the context.

Seth Harvey (@MrSethHarvey) – Seth is a minor league pitcher, with one of the most consistently entertaining Twitter accounts among Milwaukee ballplayers. He talks to his fans constantly, and is genuinely funny as he does it, too. He also may or may not have promised a movie date with our staff writer Curt. So who knows? There might be a chance for you, too.

Jimmy Nelson (@Jimmy_J_Nelson) – a pitcher in Huntsville, and one of a large gang of Brewers minor league players who have just way too much fun on Twitter. Following Jimmy means listening to an inside view of minor league life, as well as catching up on what seems like a thousand inside jokes. He also loves reaching out to fans and friends on Twitter, so feel free to get to know him. You won’t be sorry.

Again, this list is far from comprehensive, but it’s some of our favorite people. Who is your favorite follow from the Brewers organization? Let us know. Maybe on Twitter?