NotBrew: In 2013 Hall of Fame Voting, Royce Clayton Gets No Love


Happy Royce Clayton? Not for long.

Caught up in the debate over the 2013 BBWAA Hall of Fame voting that saw no players elected to the MLB Hall of Fame for the first time since 1996–a year when Bob Boone and Fred Lynn were the top first-time eligible players–was the writers overlooking the career of dreadlocked shortstop and 2003 Milwaukee Brewer Royce Clayton.

There was apparently someone who goes under the title of “expert” that thought Aaron Sele, he of a 4.61 career era, 148 wins, 1.50 WHIP, and 1.76 K/BB ratio,  is deserving of a Hall of Fame plaque. If this continues to be a pattern, Clayton’s incredibly mediocre numbers may appear under the flashy, among the greatest of all-time category to some completely-deserving-of-the-honor voter.

Though, Royce, the people paid to cover the game recognized not your lifetime accomplishments, we here at RtB take the time out to appreciate everything you did. Especially all that good stuff you did with the Brew Crew.

Royce, we’ve even taken the time out to include you on our Brewers We Won’t Miss team of the decade. Nothing speaks “Hall of Famer” more than that honor. Or that .228 batting average with the Brewers. That’s hard to forget, too.

Here’s to you, Royce Clayton. The BBWAA may give thee no love, but there’s always this: my grandmother will always give you, your crazy hair, and .634 OPS less love than them.