Not-So-Great Moments In Brewers History: “Vuckie, Zip Your Fly!”


The Milwaukee Brewers have had a lot of great moments in their history. None of these are World Series celebrations, but they have had a lot of great moments. I think. I’d like to share some of them with you, but it is more fun to remember funny moments. So here are some moments lacking in the pretty awesome department.

Pete Vuckovich was a dandy of a pitcher. I never saw him pitch because of my youth, but those fancy sabermetrics like earned run average and Cy Young awards tell me he made a lot of wins and got batters out. Which is what pitchers are supposed to do.

Even though Pete succeeded in hurling the base ball, he forgot to zip his base ball pants. Before a big start. In the World Series. Maybe one of his teammates pulled a prank on him or maybe he just forgot like we all do sometimes. Especially with a national television audience.