Brewers’ Seth Harvey Talks About Managing Success, J-Biebs with RtB


Last year, I chatted with Brewers minor league reliever Seth Harvey in the first of a series of interviews leading up to the season. Well, a year, a career season, and Seth becoming a good friend of the site later, and it’s time for round two! (Sorry, no MMA ring girls.)

Harvey started the season in Appleton, WI, with the low-A affiliate of the Brewers, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. With the Rattlers, he

posted a 2.66 era, a crazy-good 1.96 FIP, and 13 saves in 23.2 innings. His struck out over 12 batters per nine innings against Midwest League hitters and was promoted to the High-A Brevard County Manatees. The results weren’t any different, as he held a 3.24 era against the elevated competition. Combined across the two leagues, Seth was a perfect 7-0.

Seth is constantly interacting with fans on his Twitter account, @MrSethHarvey. Make fun of him for being a Seahawks fan and often jamming out to the likes of Justin Bieber.

Curt Hogg: First off, what have you been up to this off-season? Not necessarily even just baseball stuff.

Seth Harvey: This off-season has been great. I have enjoyed spending a lot of time with family and friends and taking small trips here and there around Washington. I’ve also been working at On Deck Performance in Tumwater, WA , doing lessons and clinics for the youth in the area.

CH: What’s in the plans for spring training?

SH: This year I am heading to early camp, so my report date will be the 16th of February. Anxiously counting down the day; it is pretty cold up here in the great Pacific Northwest so I think its about time for some sun in my life!

CH: You can pick any song for your entrance music running onto the bump at Miller Park. What is it? J-Biebs?

Harvey, Harv, Harv, there Seth.

SH: J-Biebs would get the crowd fired up, no doubt about that. However, I like to generally have calm walk-out songs, something that I can relax with. So it may come down to a coin-flip come game time between Biebs – “Beauty and a Beat” and Randy Rogers Band – “Kiss Me in the Dark.”

CH: What’s been the focus of off-season training?

SH: The focus this off-season has been about preparation and consistency. I feel that I am preparing , mentally and physically, in a way that leaves no room for doubt come Spring. Concerning consistency, I feel that has been a strong point in my career. I have made it a goal of mine to be consistent in the way I work out, eat, practice. Almost every aspect of my life to where I can carry those habits into spring.

CH: Especially considering the elevated competition, would you say last season was your best yet?

SH: Last season, statistically speaking, was my best. I believe though that it was primarily my best season at being consistent. A few bumps in the road happened, but I think a majority of that year was being able to repeat the process that leads to success.

CH: You just tweeted that you have very slim hands. That can’t hurt as a pitcher, can it?

SH: It certainly does not hurt as a pitcher, but it hurts my masculinity a bit!

CH: How is the chemistry and environment with a minor league team? What all keeps you guys energized?

SH: The environment stays relatively the same, loose and prepared. Its a business casual I like to think. We are business when it comes to the game and when we are on the field, and casual when its time to be away from the game (clubhouse,road).
Coffee first and foremost, I brew some mean pots when I can. Besides that, our energy comes from family and friends from home, our pursuit of our dream, and a collective sense to play for each other and take it one day at a time.

No comments necessary.

CH: What’s the mentality when you come into close a game?

SH: When I come in to close a game, my mentality is to execute my pitches at a high level. Get ahead in the count, work the zone but know my mistakes have to be limited. Thats relatively results focused, so in terms of my process, my mentality is one pitch a time, trusting in myself and my team and having an unshakeable confidence in what I WILL do.

CH: You’re a Seattle sports guy (Sounders, Seahawks, Wazzu), so does the Sonics coming back have you pumped?

SH: Yeah of course! Im very excited for the Sonics to return, hopefully
we can get the same support we have for the Sounders and Seahawks going for them and make it a successful transition.

CH: Nothing major, but you hit over .400 as a senior in high school. What was the final factor in becoming a full-time pitcher?

SH: .400 and a 10+ HRs too! Haha! The decision came when I was a freshman in college at Washington State. It ultimately came down to what we needed at the time, and it was pitching. It did take me awhile to figure out how to “pitch” and not just “throw”, but I’m glad for the decision and its gotten me to this point in my life.

CH: Ever feel like just grabbing a bat and asking the skip to get you a couple ABs?

SH: I think about it all the time, I mean what else do you do in the bullpen watching the game? Connecting up on a pitch to send it into the gap could be one of the best feelings in world, and I miss it that feeling.

CH: Do you feel any extra pressure on your performance this year after last year’s success?

SH: I do not feel any added pressure, I believe I’m capable of a much better season in terms of results and expect to perform that way in the upcoming season. I made a lot of mistakes last year that have easy corrections and am looking forward to apply them come spring.

CH: You didn’t forget about our movie date, did you?

SH: How could I ? Popcorn is on me, and we have to celebrate your acceptance to UW-Madison! Congrats big buy!

CH: Thanks, as always, Seth.

SH: Thanks Curt, had a great time!Go Brewers! #PrettySick

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