Introducing the Reviewing the Brew Mailbag!


This is the only picture I could find appropriate…(Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports)

Early this year, we made a commitment – a resolution, if you would – to try and keep you dear readers in the loop and part of the discussion. We have been thrilled with the involvement thus far, and we consider it essential to our purpose.

With that in mind, we created a new way to bring you into the conversation. We’re calling it the Reviewing the Brew Mailbag – a tad uncreative, I admit – but title aside it will offer you an even better opportunity to tell us what’s important to you in the Brewers universe.

Whether it’s a question about the team, comment about the site, or just another opinion on the weird rash you found – we’d like to help (if there happens to be help to give). You can e-mail us here, leave a comment on our Facebook page (you’ve already liked it, right?) or send us a tweet.

Bottom line: we want to hear from you.

Oh and did I mention our first E-mail of the Week will win a chance to be part of our Fantasy Baseball League? And did I also neglect to remind you of the sweet-ass prizes that come with a reader victory? How silly of me.

Either way, we hope you’ll join the conversation.