New Document In Braun, Biogenesis Link


This, as reported first by ESPN through unnamed sources close to Bosch’s now defunct operation in Miami:

A new document, apparently from April of last year, has Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has his name appear yet again with the figure of $1,500 next to it. The document – a page from a notebook with similar columns of names and figures – does not list either Braun or other mentioned MLB players to specific drugs.

Ryan Braun is under fire once more in the Biogenesis investigation.

According to the report written by T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of, his name is listed at the bottom of the page under “Expenses” and it is assumed that the debt has not been paid by Braun.

Speculation from sources mentioned in the article claims that the only reason for being named on said document is that Braun, as well as other players, is for receiving Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Braun made a short statement today at Maryvale Baseball Park, but referred to his previous statement on the matter and refused to answer further questions about the investigation.

Ryan Braun’s link to PEDs began again early this month, when Yahoo! Sports received information that his name appeared in several documents from Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic run by fraudulent doctor Anthony Bosch. It was first reported by the Miami New Times and Braun’s name was originally redacted from the documents because of a cited ‘lack of evidence’ linking him to wrongdoing.

Attorneys working for Braun’s successful appeal of a positive drug test after a playoff game in 2011 announced that they had contracted Bosch for outside consulting on the test results and chain of custody, but found his help to be “negligible” and released his services.

While the MLB continues to investigate the matter, there exists at this point little beyond circumstantial evidence linking the players in the documents to actual PED use. Should anyone in the documents be found to actual have paid for, received, or used PEDs they would be suspended by the league. The investigation into the documents would require legal cooperation from Bosch and his associates, which is yet to be forthcoming.

Braun has stated publicly that he is willing to cooperate fully in the investigation.