Monday’s Brewer Stat Of The Day: Infield Hits


I’m here to announce the first of a new Reviewing the Brew series: Brewer Stat of the Day. In this series, I will point out an interesting statistic each day from Milwaukee’s 2012 season and describe its importance and how it correlates with the Brewers upcoming campaign.

Norichika Aoki led the MLB in infield hits in 2012. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s statistic: 158 infield hits

The Brewers collected 158 infield hits in 2012 which was the most in major league baseball. And who led the team in these pesky hits? None other than the former Japanese star Norichika Aoki who actually racked up the most infield hits in all of baseball with 34.

Of Milwaukee’s 158 infield hits, 40 of them were off bunts, once again proving their manager Ron Roenicke encourages bunting and has no problem using small ball tactics. Now, the majority of infield hits are just a matter of luck, whether it’s a perfectly placed swinging bunt between the pitcher and third baseman or a comebacker to the mound that ricochets off the pitcher. But even though luck is involved, speed also plays a crucial part. The Brewers led the MLB in stolen bases (158) last season meaning they have unbelievable speed to burn and exhibiting that led to their massive amount of infield hits.

With Aoki destined to be the opening day right fielder, something he wasn’t in 2012, the Brewers infield hits will rise in 2013. In addition, Milwaukee will have speedy outfielder Logan Schafer on the bench who you can mark down for at least 10 infield hits and God only knows how many grounders Jean Segura will beat out.

How many infield hits do you see the Brewers getting this season?

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