Brewers 101: The Logos

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The Present and the Future (2000 – Present)

If that was on a beer bottle – I would TOTALLY drink that beer. (photo from:

By the year 2000, construction was getting completed on a state-of-the-art retractable roof stadium and a new era was beginning in Milwaukee Brewers history.

It seemed only natural, then, that the team would once again reinvent their look in order to reflect the new direction. The new logo design reinforced the environment they were moving into – a classic, nostalgic space with contemporary flair and a nod to the heritage of the city and fans.

The color scheme moved away from the strangeness of the nineties and differentiated itself from the more garish blues and golds of ’70s, ’80s, and early 90s. The designed is dominated by a deep navy blue, and punctuated  by white and a more true gold. The Brewers script returns to the embellished cursive – with the swoosh – and is reminiscent of the script used by Schlitz, Blatz, and other German and beer-making magnates in the glory days of Milwaukee’s industrial beginnings. A further nod is given to what brewers actually do by

The Brewers continue to tweak their look to reflect the diverse population of the city. And the city loves it. (photo from:

accenting the team logos with a sprig of barley. Yes, folks, it is BARLEY. NOT WHEAT. STOP SAYING THAT. It has been around for, like, ten years now  you think it wouldn’t be so ambiguous by now.

The team’s uniform has largely gone back to displaying “Brewers” on both home and road jerseys, and only lately have they adopted “Milwaukee” for use on their alternates. In 2013, the gold jersey will be worn as an official alternate in addition to the navy, white, and grey jerseys.

One of the earmarks of the most recent turn in Brewers design history is the ethnic heritage jerseys. It began with the “Cerveceros” jerseys as a nod to the Hispanic culture in Milwaukee and throughout baseball. Soon it evolved to include German and Italian variants, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.


Milwaukee has come a long way from the humble beginnings of minor league, turn-of-the-century baseball to become a premiere organization in the National League. Through it all, the Brewers have been able to endear themselves to their fans and become part of the fabric of the community as it progressed – while still reminding everyone where they came from.