Brewers Bracket First Round Blitz!


The first round of the massive undertaking that is the Brewers Bracket is almost drawing to a close.

While the first round has brought in a great number of votes and opinions over who you, the reader, believes is the best player to ever don a Milwaukee Brewers uniform, we weren’t quite ready to let the first round ride off into the sunset.

So e created the Brewers Bracket Blitz.

Only YOU have the power to send the best Brewers deeper into the bracket.

This is, obviously, the bracket we have been working off of for the last few weeks. We’re pulling out all the stops this weekend to get this bracket moving towards the Championship Game.

This weekend, up until 10:00 PM CST, you can now vote for ANYONE on the bracket. No more short-term match-up votes. Pick a player, and let us know. Youu can leave the name down below in the comments, on our Facebook page, or use Twitter with #BrewersBracket.

On Sunday night, we will reveal who won the first round match-ups and begin the march to the Sweet Sixteen.

Do you think Craig Counsell deserves an upset over Jim Slaton? Are you the world’s biggest Dave Nilsson fan? Do you want the world to remember Jeromy Burnitz? You have the chance to make that happen this weekend by voting them – or any other Brewer you like – into the second round.

Tell your friends. Vote like crazy. Survive and Advance.

Keep the votes coming, guys!