Brewers Bracket Round of 32: Winners and Losers


Congratulations readers and voters! We are down to the round of 32, and already we have some tough fights emerging for the crown of Best Brewer in the Bracket.

It’s been a tough fight so far, and for the 32 players who still remain on the bracket, it’s only going to get tougher. They’re going to need your votes to keep coming on Twitter, Facebook, and the comments section if they plan to get to the Sweet Sixteen.

Without further ado, let’s show you the second round and some of the biggest upsets we came across.

The Bracket keeps moving forward – but without as many upsets that force you to hide your once-a-year bracket gambling problem from your girlfriend

Here’s the breakdown by bracket section:

Eddie Mathews Division

1. Ryan Braun vs. 8. John Axford

5. Ben Oglivie vs. 13. Scott Podsednik

Scottie Podsednik showed he still had sway over the Brew Crew faithful and all but wrapped up the contest the day it opened against Yovani Gallardo.

6. Bob Wickman vs. 3. Jeff Cirillo

7. B.J. Surhoff vs. 2. Teddy Higuera

Warren Spahn Division

1. Jim Slaton vs. 8. Jose Valentin

12. Corey Hart vs. 4. Don Money

Corey Hart surprised us all and beat out Vuck, despite Curt’s strong effort to keep him in the race. There’s still plenty of good mustache left in the tournament.

11. Luis Viscaino vs. 3. Jim Caldwell

Viscaino beat up on Rickie Weeks, likewise for Caldwell against Bill Hall. I really, REALLY wanted a Weeks/Hall match-up. Oh well.

10. Geoff Jenkins vs. 2. Paul Molitor

Jenkins upset Juan Nieves – the only Brewers pitcher to throw a No-Hitter – but his luck may run out against Paul Molitor.

Lew Burdette Division

1. Dan Plesac vs. 8. J.J. Hardy

5. Zack Greinke vs. 4. Gorman Thomas

6. Richie Sexson vs. 3. Rollie Fingers

10. Dave Nilsson vs. 2. Cecil Cooper

Dave Nilsson is the only upset in the Burdette Division, up-ending seventh seeded Jerry Augustine.

Red SchoendienstDivision

1. Robin Yount vs. 9. Hank Aaron

Jonathan Lucroy is turning into a Cinderella story in the Brewers Bracket. Your votes will keep him moving on in the bracket. (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Brewers Designated Hitter version of Hank Aaron bested Moose Haas in a close vote, but now he goes up against one of the toughest competitors of all time in Robin Yount.

5. Jim Gantner vs. 13. Jonathan Lucroy

Lucroy pulled a big upset over former Brewer pitcher Chris Bosio, and he looks to keep moving through the Bracket.

6. Cal Eldred vs. 3. Prince Fielder

7. Jeromy Burnitz vs. 2. Ben Sheets

Voting will continue in the blitz format – you can vote for anyone, anytime, by using the #BrewersBracket hash tag, or by casting your votes in the comments below and on our Facebook page.

Happy March Madness everyone!