article written by Matt King--a very talented writer, no doubt--of Bleacher Report giving 20 reas..."/> article written by Matt King--a very talented writer, no doubt--of Bleacher Report giving 20 reas..."/>

20 Reasons (Brewers) Baseball is the Best


Recently I read an article written by Matt King–a very talented writer, no doubt–of Bleacher Report giving 20 reasons why baseball is the worst.

Ain’t that a beauty? (Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

This made me sad.

I do not think that baseball is the worst and so the article was, thus, not my favorite baseball column I read that day–though the clever use of sarcasm by King helped to not completely ruin my mood.

With the season opening up for Milwaukee tomorrow, below are 20 reasons why Brewers baseball is the best.

20. Tailgating

When you can see the smoke rising from the grills while cruising down I-94, it’s a good sign. Why? Because that signifies that it’s baseball season.

19. Khris Davis

Forget about his long swing and raw power, the Brewers are lucky to have Khris Davis on the Opening Day roster because they have a guy named Khris on the team. TAKE THAT, 1927 YANKEES.

18. Live Tweeting Brewers Baseball

Because there are jokes to be made about a five pitch Yuniesky Betancourt at bat.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fanbase on Twitter with more educated, quick-witted, and funny fans than Milwaukee’s. If you need some baseball humor in your life, take a trip to see some of the folks I follow for entertainment during games. It will be worth it.


17. Racing Sausages

I mean, people dressed up as edible meat run around the warning track in a competitive race. Never change, Milwaukee baseball. Never change.

16. The Dramatics

One of the pure joys of baseball is its twists and turns, the ability for any single pitch to impact the outcome of the game. Especially with last year’s bullpen, the Brewers had more than their fair share of dramatics, both for and against the team. You gotta love it.

15. The Prospects

See all those guys on the Opening Day roster? Yeah. They were prospects once.

14. Opening Day

Opening Day is the most magical day of the year. Every team is in first. Even the Cubs. There’s hope, and bratwurst, and real-life, actually important Brewers baseball being played. It’s pretty awesome, you should check it out.

13. Bob Uecker

I love you, Bob.

12. (Friendly?) Bonding

Because giving random strangers high fives after hitting a homer or winning a game is epic.

11. The New Dew Deck Rock Climbing Wall

Wait, nevermind. Don’t get excited over this. It’s really not the best.

10. Pregame Funnies

And this.

And this.

9. Sabermetrics


8. Brewers-Cardinals and Brewers-Cubs

The kind folks at Miller Park have made a concerted effort this off-season to fix the ribbon lights to exact specifications when the Cardinals come to town.

Hello to you, Ryan. (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

7. Ryan Braun

Enjoy, Brewers fans. We get to watch one of the best in the game do what he does best every day. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. OPS’s like that don’t come around too often! #HebrewHammer

6. Yuniesky Betancourt

Guess who’s back, back again. Yuni’s back, tell a friend.

You’re my friend (I’d hope). Yuni’s back!!!!

5. Bobble, Baby, Bobble

This year, the Brewers announced eight bobblehead games–two more than the usual six they have. The all-fan bobbles this year feature Norichika Aoki, George Scott, Corey Hart, Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, Polish sausage, Hank Aaron, Harvey Kuenn, Gorman Thomas, and Ben Oglivie.

4. #Fundamentals

Ron Roenicke is the manager, which means lots of sac bunting! Woohoo!

3. Roll Out the Barrel

As of Monday during the middle of the seventh, it’s back! Rejoice, Milwaukee, and sing a song that reflects the brewing industry around which our city makes money!

2. Five County, Five Day

I’m not sure if anyone gets as excited for the 5 county, 5 day promotion that sells half-priced tickets to residents of the five local counties (that pay for Miller Park in tax form), but it’s great. It’s even better when the Brewers win. I like that, too.

1. It’s Baseball. 

90 wins and a division title or 60 wins and lousy play, it’s still baseball. And baseball is awesome. It’s the best. Which, I guess, makes Brewers baseball the best, too.