Presenting the Brewers Bracket Sweet Sixteen


You know, we (and by we, I of course mean me) were supposed to get this out before Opening Day, but with all the excitement we simply pushed it back. If you can find a way to forgive us, please continue to send in your votes now as we reveal the Sweet Sixteen of All-Time Brewers players.

The march to victory continues for a select few players – and your votes can help them keep it going to the final round.

So this is what it looks like today – the field is getting ever smaller, and the choices are going to get even tougher for those of you that continue to vote for your favorite players.

Here’s a clearer breakdown per division:

Eddie Mathews Division

1. Ryan Braun vs. 13. Scott Podsednik

Scotty Pods continues to defy expectations, beating out fifth-seeded Ben Oglivie. Now he goes up against odds-on favorite Braun – can he continue his upset streak?

2. Teddy Higuera vs. 3. Jeff Cirillo

Teddy and Jeff have coasted through the first two rounds, but now they meet up in their biggest match-up in an increasingly tough division. Who will win – one of the best Brewers defensive players, or one of the greatest pitchers in the franchise?

Warren Spahn Division

1. Jim Slaton vs. 12. Corey Hart

Jim Slaton is the all-time wins leader in Brewers history – can he muster up another W against Corey Hart? Hart has already ousted five-seed Pete Vuckovich and four-seed Don Money to get this far and is unquestionably a fan favorite.

3. Jim Caldwell vs. 2. Paul Molitor

This is what the bracket is all about – two of the Brewers best players vying for a chance at the title. Paul Molitor – a Hall of Fame Player – barely survived a bout with 10-seeded Geoff Jenkins – does he have enough in the tank to take down Caldwell?

Lew Burdette Division

1. Dan Plesac vs. 5. Zack Greinke

Two prolific pitchers meet-up in this Sweet Sixteen match-up. Plesac has the Brewers save record and that might give him an edge, but Greinke pushed this team towards the post-season.

3. Rollie Fingers vs. 2. Cecil Cooper

Two titans from the Golden Era of Brewers baseball and neither of them had much trouble getting this far. Unfortunately, only one can move on.

Red Schoendienst Division

1. Robin Yount vs. 13. Jonathan Lucroy

I swear my man crush on Lucroy has nothing to do with this. He’s passing the bracket with flying colors, beating a fourth-seeded Chris Bosio and fifth-seeded Jim Gantner in the process. Now he faces the biggest test – Hall of Fame Brewer Robin Yount.

2. Ben Sheets vs. 3 Prince Fielder

Fielder beat back Cal Eldred in a tough second-round match to square off with former teammate Ben Sheets – who snuck past Jeromy Burnitz in a near-upset. Who will come out on top in the biggest battle of Modern Brewers players we’ve seen so far?

Remember folks, vote by following us on Twitter and tweeting your picks to us (with the hash tag #BrewersBracket), on our Facebook page, or right below here in the comments. Keep up the great work and keep voting your favorite Brewers through the tournament!