Brewers Teammates Support Rickie Weeks


Despite his lack of success, Rickie Weeks still has the support of his teammates. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY SportsYou may be sick and tired of Rickie Weeks, but don’t expect his Brewers teammates to start throwing him under the bus.

Weeks, who was finally dropped in the order last night, is having another abominable season. He’s hitting just .188 with nine RBI’s while his strikeout precentage (28.7%) is through the roof. Weeks must have rented the movie Dazed and Confused before the season started because that’s exactly what he looks like at the plate.

In a recent poll on Reviewing the Brew, the majority of fans thought that the struggling second baseman should be benched for a few days. However, an alarming amount said that trading Weeks was the best move. While the latter will never happen, sitting Rickie should be on the horizon. Here’s what Ron Roenicke had to say about the possibility of sitting his former All-Star down:

"When he’s sitting on the bench, he’s not a guy that’s like, ‘Whew, man, am I glad I have a night off.’ That’s not him. He’s thinking, ‘If I’m in there right now, maybe I would get it going.’ You have to know the personalities."

It sounds like Roenicke doesn’t think benching Weeks will do any good. Add that to the list of reasons why the manager isn’t incredibly popular in Milwaukee.

Weeks believes he is close to breaking out of his slump (if you can really call it that) and his teammates support him wholeheartedly. Corey Hart says hearing the boos aimed at Weeks is tough.

"Baseball fans, they want things to happen. It’s tough. But Rickie is really confident that he’s close. That’s what he told me."

Jonathan Lucroy took it a step further, claiming that he will never give up on Weeks and still has unbelievable talent.

"I’ll take him to battle with me any day. The guy has some of the best power and bat speed I’ve seen, ever, playing this game."

If his teammates still have his back, don’t you think Weeks should have the fans as well?

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