Milwaukee Brewers Tweets of the Week!


Oh boy, do we love us some Twitter. The Internet’s version of Open Mic Night at the Laugh Factory has been very good to us, as well.

We use Twitter to entertain ourselves, mine for information about the Milwaukee Brewers, connect to players, and interact with our audience.  We love that those of you who follow us reach out and talk to us, ask questions, and share our silliness with your friends.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capability to get back to each and every one of you as often as we like. We have work, and school, and social lives, and short attention spans – all of that works against us sharing everything we’d like with you on Twitter. Enter Tweets of the Week – where we take a few snapshots of our last week on Social Media and highlight them for you.

Just so you know we care.

When we’re talking about Twitter, it only seems fitting to show John Axford. (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

So here’s a quick primer: we are going to share with you a Minor League and Major League player’s tweets that we think you ought to follow/read. We will also give you our favorite Tweet from the staff (I will not include myself, because then I will ALWAYS choose me). We will also show you a tweet or two from our colleagues in the blogoshpere/”real” media (read: people who get paid more to do this) and finally, our favorite fan’s tweet. Away we go!

Minor League Tweet of the Week:

We’ve all been there. See? He’s just like us – except when he’s not murdering his microwave he’s playing professional baseball as a first round draft pick.

Major League Tweet of the Week:

John Axford gets the nod because it works on so many levels – for one, he’s replying to our very own Justin Schultz. For two, he’s reminding us that true love has no boundaries.

Staff Tweet of the Week:

Curt wins this week because we go to Curt when the tough questions need answering. WE’RE ONTO YOU BRIAN ANDERSON.

Media Tweet of the Week:

We have a tie!

My Spanish is a little rusty, but that seems legit.

We love Adam (and every Brewer fan should) – and we love the Brewer Nation, too. And we love snarky tweets. THE PERFECT STORM.

Fan Tweet of the Week:

Because truer words were never spoken:


Thanks for stopping by, and for tolerating us on the site and on Social Media. Go have fun, we’ll keep an eye on the internet for you.