Marco Estrada Should Only Pitch On The Road


Estrada is currently living in opposite land; he’s dominant on the road but lousy at home. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Marco Estrada‘s home/road splits are eye-opening. In seven starts this season, Estrada has been shelled at home while being paramount on the road. Estrada gives up a bushels worth of home runs almost every time he takes the mound at Miller Park, which is a notorious hitter-friendly stadium. If the 29-year-old (I can’t believe he’s 29 either) wasn’t so prone to giving up long balls, Miller Park would be more accepting of him.

His situation is unique. In most cases, pitchers thrive in their home environments. They have the hometown fans rooting for them and they’re familiar with the ballpark. But for Estrada, it seems like he’s more comfortable when he’s far, far away from Milwaukee.

Now obviously I don’t really believe that Estrada should only pitch when the Brewers are on the road, but his road stats are something to take notice of. Take a look at his splits.

Those numbers are staggering. In the same number of innings, Estrada has allowed 14 more earned runs and five more home runs at home than on the road.

In all likelihood, Estrada will get back on track at Miller Park and his ERA will start to suffer on the road. Before this year, he had been much more efficient at home, but this is his first season as a full-time starter; maybe that has something to do with it. It obviously would be ideal if he could find a way to improve his home starts while keep dominating on the road, but that’s being a bit optimistic.

If his road dominance and home lousiness continues, do you think it’s possible that the Brewers only start Estrada when they’re on the road?

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